Sunday, August 7, 2011



Seth's parents came and visited for a week! They stayed with us half of the time, and stayed with Aubrey and Davin the last half. I really enjoy spending time with Seth's parents. It was fun to have them see what life is like around the clock with our sweet Scarlett. Aubrey had planned a daily activity, so we didn't waste any time doing fun things and making memories.

They flew in on Thursday, We picked them up at the airport and met Aubrey w/ Preston at Cabella's. It was fun for the toddlers to run around and see the fish and animal exhibits.

The employee watching over the gun room was so kind to give these two a sucker. I know Scarlett loves suckers... but they are SO Sticky. And Scarlett can't keep her saliva contained in that sucker overloaded mouth - so we needed to use her jacket as a bib.

We also went to the zoo! That was a big hit. Scarlett went on the carousel for the first time, twice!

The gorilla played peek-a-book with us, we saw lots of reptiles and fun birds. The elephants ate... ate sticks. We also found out Scarlett is just about the size of an Elephant's femur. We saw giraffes and monkeys. It was a good time.

Easter! We took a lot of photos of Preston and Scarlett looking for their eggs. Preston caught on pretty quick! Scarlett... it took her a bit longer to be interested in what was going on. It was a very nice, peaceful, family Easter Sunday.

One day we went on a drive up the canyon. Seth and I enjoy driving up the canyon and finding new roads, dirt roads, to "explore". Vivian Park is a popular stop along Provo Canyon, if you continue driving up through the mountain it is a perfect road for a motorcycle ride, which worked out great for Aubrey and Davin. There was just a small hiccup in the adventure when they ran out of gas on the way. :) The kids loved the little park, and we took a little walk down another path that led to this fun bridge they could look out over the creek. Lots of "oo's" and "ahh's".

We spent an afternoon at IKEA. It was fun to test out their merchandise.

The Burke side of the family were getting together for Easter one night. We went for dinner, and it was a party! I think there were about 20 kids, they definitely outnumbered the adults. It was a good visit. Here is a picture of us all together at Seth's cousin Hillary's house in Springville.

It was overall a very fun and eventful week. We spent the nights getting frozen yogurt, visiting the duck pond, playing cards, etc. We are very grateful Grandma and Grandpa Burke could come visit us for a week!

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