Sunday, August 7, 2011

We do love our cat.

Another catch up post... about our fun summer.

Raja, our cute tuxedo cat, gave us a scare the end of June. She started throwing up her food and within 48 hours had thrown up 15 times. We just kept her in the bathroom because I got really tired following her around and cleaning it up a lot.

I ended up taking her to the vet. The vet was kind, but seemed to be on this "it's a block, she needs xrays" kick. Apparently the day before someone came in with their cat who had been throwing up, but they knew she was eating foam from a box. So that cat had a barium Xray test and ended up getting emergency surgery. So they paid at least $2800 for the cat to have surgery.

When the vet was telling me the different things that could be wrong with Raja, it was a mental battle "No way are we paying even $100's on her! But we do love her so much, she is a part of the family. She's like a sister to Scarlett, and was our baby before Scarlett came into our lives". Silly. I know.

The vet said Raja either ate something and had a block in her stomach or intestines. OR she had built up an intolerance for her food over a period of time and needs to have hypoallergenic food from now on. We decided to try the different food and wait it out. We could have done $500 worth of Xrays to see if she had a block for peace of mind. But we figured even if they did find that she has a block, we wouldn't be forking out the $1,000's for her to have surgery. So we waited, watched her closely... and we are extremely grateful she gradually got better and is now her normal self.

Not going to lie, I was bawling on the way home from the vet thinking that she may not make it or be okay. We do love our Raja.

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