Monday, August 23, 2010

starcraft 2 is taking over....

One of Seth's favorite childhood computer games was Starcraft. Well... they came out with Starcraft 2 last month (?) and he has managed to fit it in his schedule. I'm assuming this is what he dreams about since the following occurred last night...

2:00am. In bed. Seth is asleep, I can't sleep (that's what I get for taking a nap from 2:30-5:30 with Scarlett Sunday afternoon.)

Seth : Gmlk mulk

Megan : What?

Seth : Good LUCK

Megan (knowing he was talking in his sleep) : Why?

Seth : To get through the levels. Can't stop. (very clear voice, creepy clear.)

Megan - lays in bed trying to not be creeped out that she can talk to her husband while he's asleep, unable to fall asleep even more. Gets a little bit of sleep before Scarlett wakes up at 3 am requesting food.

I think someone has been playing too much Starcraft.


  1. aaaahahahhhaha, thats hillarious, and super creepy, back away from the computer for a while seth!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is so funny. Boys....

    Also, Scarlett is ADORABLE and getting so big!

  3. Good luck, Megan. Good luck! ;)

  4. Phil plays world of war craft and meagan this has happened to me a couple times and each time it's hilarious!

  5. thats halarious!! ahah I do the same thing too!! the funniest thing aaron has said in his sleep was
    Aaron: So what your saying is .. Ill hump the floor and you got my back?
    Me: laughing!!
    Aaron: This is serious

    Ah we love our husbands!!