Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday!

To sweet, sweet Grandma Cleo... She turned 74 on Friday the 20th!We are lucky to live so close to my grandparents. I do take this for granted. Scarlett and I went and visited "GG" Friday afternoon for her birthday. There have been a few afternoons since Scarlett has been born where I have gotten to go to Pleasant Grove and just visit with GG for an afternoon, with no one else around to take her attention. She tells me stories that I most likely wouldn't get to hear during the usual family gatherings. For example, when my mom was Scarlett's age she would Turn The Pages Of A Magazine. You know... most 6 month babies just want to crumple the paper and stick it in their mouth the second they lay eyes on it. But she says "you kids don't really understand what I really mean when I try to tell you that you're mom is perfect." Which we all do know. But... turning the pages of a magazine as a baby? amazing.
She also tells me stories of her mom and dad. And I talk to her about the latest questions and situations I've been 'faced' with... and she gives perfect advice/suggestions or validation. I love grandma. And happy she had a great birthday...
My grandpa so cute, Just got to say it. Friday he made me his favorite snack... "Pepsi and Peanuts". Yep... a can of pepsi in a mug w/ a bunch of peanuts floating at the top. Such a nice grandpa.

And Today is my hunk-a-brother Aaron's 23rd Birthday!!!
Aaron is one of the neatest people you'd ever meet. This man can be flying high on life with just the littlest things in life, especially being surrounded in nature. He's so nice to strangers, giving of his time and talent to all. He is so great with kids, he adores Scarlett and the rest of his nieces/nephews. He is easy to smile and laugh and joke around. His simple way of life and dealing with situations is truly an example. This summer, and I guess through this fall too, he is a camp counselor. Making nothing for wages, it's absolutely his dream job. We love him! And are sad he's so far away, but I think he's had a fun day. ;) Happy Birthday Aaron, We Love you!

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