Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our weekend...lots of photos!

Friday when Seth got off work we went up to Park City for the night. A friend was house sitting and didn't want to stay there alone. It was a pretty neat house, I really wish I had taken some more photos! It was a nice little vaca from the 'happy valley'. Park City is so pretty, and has such a different feeling than any other place in Utah. I love it!

These people have a bulldog named Ginger, I'm not sure Scarlett's ever been so close to a dog before - but Ginger loved our attention and Scarlett thought Ginger was the absolute weird/crazy thing she's ever seen. I could not stop laughing at Scarlett's faces while she was trying to make sense of this new creature. Aaahhh, it's so fun to see her discover this world.

Look at these faces!!!

Mom, What in the world is THIS thing!?!

Kisses for Seth...
...and kisses for Scarlett!

She loves crinkly wrappers.... "Must - have - in - mouth!"

And here are a few of her amazing bed head....

I love being Scarlett's mom! It was a very enjoyable weekend...

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  1. Scarlett is so cute! It's been fun catching up on you through Ashley, but now I've found your blog - yippee!