Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it's been a while...

Ah sheesh! It’s been TWO months since I’ve posted anything? Well… our little miss is 5 months old today!! And this is her amazing 5 month photo shoot… ;)

5 months:

- Eats 5 oz every 3 hours, still.

- Enjoys Splish Splashing in the bath

- Laugh and giggles more and more… but it can take lots of work by mom or dad to get you going

- Hair is getting so Long and BLONDE! … still a very common topic of conversation

- Enjoys watching Baby Einstein – absolutely glued.

- Reaches out occasionally to mom or dad to be held

- Consistently sleeps 10-12 hours a night!!! – an amazing sleeper

- Cries out super loud and ends w/ a softer ‘grunt’ or “mm, mmm, mm , mmm, mm” as she chomps on her binky. A fantastic way to get and attention and to express herself

- Almost daily – hair in piggy tails

- Loves reaching for and grabbing raja

- LOVES sitting up or standing w/ assistance.

- MUST have a binky in order to sleep…. If she’s crying in bed, we just go in and put the binky in and she’s out w/in 3 sucks… or in the middle of the night, if she’s kind of waking up I’ll put her binky back in and she’s out again until morning. Very nice.

- Gives kisses.

- Has episodes of attack/slobber/scream/growl on mom’s face.

- Very vocal… as always. Her voice seems to be quite manly/raspy. And lots of grunts and sighs

- Can almost put the binky in her own mouth

- Sits up all by herself!!

- Can hold the bottle for about 10 seconds w/o help, sometimes longer!

- Sucks on thumb occasionally

- Smiles – A Lot.

- Loves her taggie… and new toys.

- likes to read books

Cutest baby I could have ever hoped for. We are SO blessed to be Scarlett’s parents and I’m excited to see how she continues to grow and develop.

Her 4 month stats?

14 lbs (63%tile)

25 in (81%tile)

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