Sunday, August 22, 2010

my favorite new trick

Well, not too new... it's been a few weeks now. But the Miss holds her bottle all by herself! This development is just amazing! It's not like we've been trying to teach her, but I have always tried to make sure she always had at least one hand on the bottle. Then one day she had it down all by herself!
She's going through a weird stage right now, I really wish she could talk to me. She rarely finishes her usual 5 oz bottle - it's been a huge waste of formula!!! Sometimes she'll only eat 3 oz, usually 4 though. Because she's eating cereal now, I just never know how much of what she'll want to take in.

Usually toward the end of eating what she wants she'll start rolling around and talking/playing with the bottle. So I'll lay on the floor w/ her and keep her focused... or try to hold her and feed her - but then she bucks her back and wants to sit up or stand up if I'm going to be holding her. She sure is showing some independence now... that's for sure!


  1. I love that top picture!! SO cute. She is getting so big it is so crazy! We need to get together one of these days soon. You still haven't met Rylee!

  2. she is so cute I love the first two pictures!! her expressions are priceless!!!