Wednesday, March 31, 2010

4 Weeks!

Our little Scarlett isn't as little anymore... I absolutely love taking care of her - life is getting even better. Even though I'm with her literally every hour I can see how she has grown and her changes. She is quite alert and beginning to "talk" more and more. I love hearing her coo's.

At 2 weeks I had mentioned how she is quite the grunter. It's hilarious how much she grunts. When she's sleeping we hear her grunt the most. Especially when we move her while she's sleeping, it's like we've seriously offended or disrupted her beauty sleep. It really makes me laugh.

Another thing I love is when she is asleep in her car seat and you are taking her out, or lifting her sleeping body out of the swing she stretches her arms up over her head, her head flings back in a stretch, and her legs curl up which pushes her butt out and she arches her back. I'll be sure to get a photo.

When you change her diaper and you're putting the new one on, she'll fling her legs straight at the perfect moment when you are sealing the new diaper's tabs in place. It's hilarious!! She'll be relaxed in the fetal position or just dozed off/sleeping and then all the sudden she just stretches out those long legs as straight as they can go and it makes it incredibly easy to finish putting the new diaper on. I'll be sure to get this on video.

I'm good at taking photos... but we really need to get some of these things on video! We have a camcorder coming in the mail very soon, I'm very - very excited!!She's such a good baby. I love talking to her. She is becoming a great friend to me. I'm grateful she usually only cries when she is hungry. However, the other night she was laying on my chest, on her tummy - completely out, asleep. I got up to swaddle her in a blanket and as I transitioned her from laying forward to laying on her back she let out the loudest/scariest shrieks ever!!!! I think I completely terrified her. It was very alarming. After a few of those screams she went right back to la la land, fast asleep.

I took this video today - my little newborn is becoming a 'real baby' :(

hmm - this video isn't good quality at all... she is cute - promise.


  1. She is so adorable! I'm always so amazed at how fast they grow!

  2. Wow...4 weeks already. I always thought the time dragged before the baby came and then flew afterward. She's a doll. I will probably come out to Utah in about a month or maybe a couple of to see you guys.

  3. SOOO CUTE!! I love the pics!! and the video.. she has gotten alot bigger from the last pictures I think. ITs so much fun to be a mom.