Sunday, March 14, 2010

One Thing I Love

I'm working on "The Post" - I promise... but can I just say one thing in the meantime.
Scarlett was due 3/4/10. The doc suggested to be induced 3/1/10. I asked if it'd be okay to be induced 3/2/10 though. Why?

Because When he suggested 3/1/10 - it was in three days and I felt I needed more time to prepare everything that should have been prepared weeks ago? And because it'd be super cool if she was born on Tuesday... her birthdate would then be "3.2.10" 3-2-1-0. pretty neat, right?

So on 3/2/10 when I was in labor (started pitocin at 6:30am) at one point (4:30pmish) I wasn't progressing anymore and the nurse gave me the "C-section" talk. We weren't at a point when that was extremely necessary but if things had continued the way they were going - it was going in that direction. However! nurse change... I started progressing with 'her help'. (just rotating from my left side to my right, strange.) and I was ready to push at 9pm.

We didn't start pushing until 10pm. (allowed an hour for 'rest and descent') and sparing more details except the strong point I did everything in my power to get her to come by midnight. The clock was right in front of me on the wall - I was watching and hoping to get her here by midnight.

But... little miss Scarlett came at 12:36 am on 3/3/10. Why am I more than 'okay' and HAPPY about this?

1. Anyone throughout her life, "When is your birthday?"

Scarlett replies, "3/3" <--- incredibly easy to remember. 2. March 3rd is a Japanese Holiday!!! Having served in Japan I've always considered giving one of my kids a Japanese middle name. This didn't work out for Scarlett. But I'm thrilled that she was born on a big Japanese Holiday. Guess what holiday it is?

Girl's Day (Hinamatsuri)

I love it. Our little Scarlett just waited long enough to come on Girl's day, We'll have to have a tradition on her birthday tied to something japanese/girl's day-ish. Don't you think?
(Scarlett in the hospital on 3/4/10 - working on a burp.)

I'll keep working on that post - promise.



  2. Holy cow, that is so awesome!! What a fun thing to share a birthday with!

  3. Congrats, Megan!! Scarlett is beautiful!! I love all her dark hair!