Friday, March 26, 2010

Why her name is Scarlett...

We weren't keeping our name options a secret before she was born but we were positive we wanted to see her and spend time with her before we gave her a name.

One night when I was probably about 32 weeks along Seth asked if I liked the name Scarlett. Not sure where he came up with it, and still don't know. But we both don't know anyone named Scarlett. After we added it to our 'options' list and mentioned it when people (everyone and their dog) asked if we had a name picked out they all loved it. This definitely played a role in me being okay with the name Scarlett.

I love the name Scarlett. I love it because it fits all our basic rules for a name: it's unique, you know the gender of the person w/o seeing them, anyone can spell it, easy to pronounce. But because I don't know any other Scarlett's it was difficult!! You know, you look through a name book and find a name you like and then you think about the people you know with that name and about what that person is like. If they're "cool", smart, pretty, etc. And if you know someone with that name that brings up serious bad memories or they had "a past" you think twice about that name. Right!? Anyway, now I know a Scarlett, and she's pretty cool, smart, and pretty - so it totally works.

Scarlett's middle name is O'linda - which is my middle name. I was named after my great grandma on my mom's side. So ... Scarlett's middle name comes from her Great-great Gma.

I love being a mom. It's still becoming a real thing to me... it's been a process. Sometimes I feel like I'm "just taking care of this baby". Isn't that absolutely terrible to say?! Then I have moments like earlier today when I'm singing along with the Josh Groban Pandora station as I'm feeding her and the tears roll down as I realize how extremely blessed I am. She is so precious, and Heavenly Father actually trusts me with this little girl's life. It's crazy!! I love holding her. She really should just sleep in her bassinet but I'll just hold her.Isn't she the prettiest little girl newborn? It's crazy she's half Seth & half me!!! We're waiting to see who she looks more like. We know two things for sure: She has Seth's fingers!!! and my ears! I have two absolute favorite people in this world, my Seth and my Scarlett. I'm one lucky woman!


  1. She is such a beautiful little girl. I think that every time I see a picture of her. And I love her name too!

    Enjoy her. The time passes so quickly. You will understand that the longer you are with her. My first baby girl will be baptized in just over 4 months! Where did the time go???

  2. she is just so pretty!! i hope you dont get too tired of me telling you that! I'm glad things are going well!

  3. she is adorable!! and dont worry. I thought and felt the same way sometimes when Isabel was young.. It hits ya hard sometimes knowing your a mom and its your daughter. it hit me hard again just the other day, and she is almost 10mo old!! miss you!!