Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 Week Check

Length: 21.25 inches (85%tile)
Head Circumference: 14.5 inches (72%tile)
Weight: 6 lb 12 oz (10%tile)

Scarlett and I met with her pediatrician today, Chris Broken Leg. Yes - her last name is "Broken Leg". Scarlett is doing well, and we're grateful she's healthy! We're really trying to get her to gain some more weight... No concerns or reason to worry yet, but getting her to gain weight is our focus at the moment. This stuff is not easy! Not that I was expecting it to be a piece of cake but no one really talked to me about how breast feeding can be such a pain in the butt and then when you're doing all you can get yourself to do with the amount of sleep you're getting as a new mom - she hardly gains any!?! Ugh!! We'll see... we're still learning together. I'm grateful Scarlett is patient with me!

At 2 weeks old (officially tomorrow), Scarlett likes to...

- Poop after we've changed her wet diaper 2 minutes ago
- blow bubbles during meal time
- look at mom or dad when they're talking or holding her. She totally recognizes our voices.
- amaze people with her long hair that is curly when wet and major spiky when dry.
- stretch her long arms and legs whenever she gets a chance. holy cow she's long and little.
- sleep with a tight blanket around her but with her arms free and close to her face.
- grunt and big sighs when we wake her up to eat or move her around to burp her, etc.
- actually hold her binkie in place, she's pretty consistent with this, I think it is on purpose.
- and she super loves her mom's sweet kisses and calming "shh shh shhh shhh" when she's having a hard moment expressing herself. aka screaming her little lungs off to the whole neighborhood. Which usually happens moments before a fantastic poopy diaper comes - or trying to get a good meal started. whew!

This photo was taken this morning... the quilt she's laying on was HANDMADE by her great grandma Hartley. She'll cherish it forever! GG Hartley is amazingly talented!


  1. congrats! I am so excited for you! Those first few weeks with your new little one are so precious! I am glad you documented them!

  2. omgosh, shes so stinkin pretty!!! coop had hair just like that, super curly when it was wet and just poofy when its dry!!! i love it!!!

  3. She is such a doll and the blanket is beautiful too!

    And hang in there. It does get easier! It's just such a learning process the first time around. I wish we lived closer so we could see and hold that precious little girl of yours.

  4. Are you serious about that Doctor's last name?? he he. Oh - and she is precious! :-)

  5. OH!!! I just wanna snuggle her...London was always really small too!!! (under 5%) He only weighed 8.4lbs at his 4 month check up! Anyway I LOVE HER HAIR...lucky girl! And love the quilt...what a special gift!

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  7. Meghan!! She is just so beautiful. Congrats. I'm sure you are loving every bit of having this sweet little baby.