Saturday, April 3, 2010

A great Friday night

Tonight was my mission reunion. I've been looking forward to it for weeks now... It was fun to see a lot of people I have great memories with while serving in Japan. I hate that I don't take advantage of these opportunities more to really catch up on these people's lives - I still care about them! I get that stupid anxiety/nervous/I live in a bubble type of feeling and it keeps me from doing what I really want to do. ANYWAY! It was totally worth it and I'm so glad I went.

but, BLAST! I told myself I super wanted to get a photo with my family and Sister/President Banks. Super lame of me! It was great to see them. It's interesting how your mission president and his wife seem to always play a "parent" role in your life. Tonight, while looking over the cultural hall of couples with one or even 2 kids running around, I asked president if he feels like all these kids his missionaries are having are like his own grandchildren... He said something funny back but for the life of me I cannot remember. Good story? yea... thanks.

Scarlett looked so cute tonight! I made her a headband just for this evening's outfit - wow, right? But I also made her an even more cute headband for tomorrow night's outfit ! (We're going to a bridal shower) I'm a super fan of making baby headbands/clips now, Super easy!

This photo is of Umetani's little girl Erin, Steed's little girl Lena, and my little girl Scarlett.
After the reunion we went to TGIF's for dessert with James and Gates... James is Seth's old friend from Michigan. Gates is my old mission companion and we were actually in the MTC together too. They're getting married next Friday at the SLC temple. :) Yes, another eternal match made because Seth and Megan introduced them.

Oh - and I ate WAY TOO MUCH at TGIF's... I got the brownie obsession (shared with Seth, but he didn't eat much of it). It was freaking amazing, Amazing.

It was a late night - it IS a late night... and I haven't had this much brain stimulation in a month!! I absolutely LOVED every minute about tonight. Scarlett was sooo good too.

(see her headband!?! This is while Seth was feeding her at TGIF's)Scarlett is ONE MONTH OLD!!! (4/3/10) that is just INSANE! Scarlett and I took a trip to the pediatrician for a quick weight check today ... just to see. I knew she has been gaining weight and is chowing down. but holy cow girl - she weighs 9lbs 4 oz!! In two weeks she went from 10th %tile to 52nd %tile! :) that a girl. Just sayin'... Oh, I love her so much. I am so, so incredibly blessed!! I am so blessed with my health, family, a good husband and great support in my life. And I am grateful for these blessings. hmm, can you tell I'm on a 'good high'? :) Life is good. And Scarlett looks like this right now - I want to look like that right now too. So Peace & Good night.


  1. Scarlett has such beautiful, delicate features. One of the prettiest baby girls I've ever seen...

  2. Oh no you guys were sick too? Could it be coincidence? I thought it was leaving the sushi out on our way home. I am sorry if it is the same thing! Did the doc say it was food poisoning? It was only a 24 hr food poisoning thing, but it sucked!! Hope you guys get better soon! Let me know what you figure out. I did hear that the stomach flu is going around, but that is a weird coincidence...

  3. it was the worst stomach flu i've ever had! definitely not food poisoning. I had to go to the ER to get medication to stop it. fun way to spend easter! James got it too but not quite as bad as i did.