Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a Week!!

Where to begin!? It's been a while.

A few months ago I bought a $50 3 day 2 night weekend getaway to Westgate Resort (A timeshare) in Park City for our Anniversary. So last Friday after work we headed to Park City and escaped life until Sunday afternoon. It was Fantastic!! I had my camera... but we didn't take any photos - totally lame, i know.

Friday night we ate at "The Eating Place" on historic Main St. in PC - a nice little place. And found some good movies on TV to just snuggle up to. Slept in (!!) had to do a little tour of the place- aka 90 min of the timeshare trying to convince us that buying a week ownership of one of their rooms is somehow the best thing we could do with our vacation time and $1,000s that are completely nonexistent. At least our tour guide was actually an Olympic skier who did tours on the side of practicing for the next winter Olympics.

We then got out and went shopping at the Outlet malls. I had been saving up my money I got from doing the EaGER study through the hospital... We SCORED new wardrobes from Old Navy for pretty much free w/ the money saved. Really, with $10 from our own pocket Seth got a very nice jacket, khakis, and 5 shirts. I got a very cute sweater (the green one in a picture below), 5 shirts, and a nice pull over. Unbelievable Sales!! All the clothes I got will hopefully fit me to the end of the pregnancy - pretty stretchy.

It was so nice to spend so much time with Seth without having access to the internet :) and with no other distractions. We saw Couples Retreat, went swimming for a while, I enjoyed the hot tub too much during the 7 or so minutes I was in there - it was SO nice. I hope we'll always be able to take a weekend getaway to ourselves. Seth got Cologne as an anniversary Gift and Seth surprised me with a professional belgian waffle maker from Costco. He said he was on his way to the flowers but found me something much better. :) So... we've had waffles everyday since this past Wed when he came home with it - hahaha.

WED Nov 25 - Our 3rd yr Wedding Anniversary.
Our actual Anniversary date is November 25th. We both worked during the day and our big treat for our special day was going to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra in Concert in SLC. They were Unbelievable! It was at the Energy Solutions Arena - where the Jazz play ball. We were 3rd row in the balcony and they were fabulous seats. They did a Christmas program and then a showcase of their other songs. With the lights, lasers, colored fire, smoke, moving stages, etc it was the coolest/craziest show I've ever seen! It was pretty loud, it was more rock music than I am used to and that just means Baby Girl was having a grand ol' time. I couldn't believe how much she was kicking and moving... I was literally sore when the concert was over and had to walk a ways to the car. Which of course was fun, I'm not complaining - she got me laughing a few times with how much she was kicking. Seth got to feel her a bit too. I Love it all! A few snaps of us after the concert - I wish I had taken more.

I love this time of year! This year I especially have a lot to be so grateful for. My family, my health, Seth, Seth's health, our little girl, a job I enjoy and that treats me well. My testimony of the Gospel, prayer, and unconditional love from Heaven. I'm very grateful that Mom, Dad, Brian, and Kara drove all the way from Iowa to spend this holiday with family out here in Utah. They got into town Wed morning and headed back home late last night. We played a lot of games at grandma's, ate awesome food for our Thanksgiving dinner, watched movies, etc.

Sometimes there were just too many people and things going on and it just got too much for me! I'd like to pull the prego card please? Lots of obnoxious kids under the age of 12 + 3 hrs of sleep b/c we went black friday shopping + Trying to make the most out of the short time family from Iowa in town + 27 wks prego = Stressed Megan. I survived though, barely.

Black Friday - This was my 2nd year Black Friday shopping. I'm not a die hard like what you think of when it comes to lines/pushing/shoving black friday shopping. I look through the ads, look for things we've needed/wanted for a while and see if it's really a good deal, and go for it. I saved A LOT of money if I had bought these things on a normal day. At 4:30 we woke up (Kara, Seth, Me) met mom/Heather at Target which opened at 5. Then went to Jo-Ann fabrics (Seth went home to bed) and then to Seagull book/Michaels. We got - 1. A king sized down comforter for $30 (it's AMAZING!! Raja loves it too) 2. Queen size air mattress for camping $12 3. Annie, the original and the Dark Knight for $4 ea. At Jo-Ann's I bought Lots of fabric to make Baby Girl a quilt (it's going to be SO cute!) and 4 recieving blankets for $30 (I saved $60!) At Sea gull book I bought 3 Christmas presents for $15 - score. At Michael's I bought 1. A frame that is usually $40 for $15.00 - the frame has two 8x10 spots that I've been wanting to put a Japanese 'The Living Christ' and Spanish 'Proclamation on the Family' (our mission languages) to decorate. And a 12x12 paper storage box for $4. Oh, and I got Mod Bod shirts for $5, SO cheap! Anyway - totally a fan of black friday to get things we've wanted/needed for CHEAP!!

FUN TIMES - Friday; after shopping we met up with a lot of family at the movie theater... Half of us went and saw 2012 (Loved It!) and the other half saw the Mr. Fox movie - not sure what it's called. I then got a much needed 2 hour nap. And we all went to Laser Tag! There were 14 of us, My parents even came - that was the best! It was so much fun, definitely got us out and moving that turkey dinner around. Seth came in first place, so proud of him. My favorite part of it all... My mom laughing and talking on the phone during the time that we all knew where she was. She said toward the end she hadn't seen my Uncle Devry really anywhere, the entire time until the very end and she tried 'tagging' him. When we got all our results back Uncle Devry had hit mom a total of 33 times. hahaha.

I totally loved being with my family, the weekend went by so fast. Seth and I did have tickets for the BYU vs Utah game but decided to be with family instead of going. But actually we really didn't want to 'deal' with crazy game traffic and crazy fans for the most intense game of the season. So we sold our tickets and made a good profit to put in the baby fund. Definitely Worth It!! SO glad BYU won, it was a fun game to watch and not need to be there for all the competition/contention in the stands.

Well... I think that brings us up to date. Our Christmas Tree is already up... It's beautiful. I loved opening up the Christmas boxes and finding ornaments I bought at after Christmas sales that I had forgotten about that make our tree extremely beautiful. I will take a picture of it before it sadly needs to come down when we move in less than two weeks.

We have a lot of fun Christmas parties and events coming up. We have tickets for Savior of The World (shown at the conference center theater) that we're going to this Friday - Totally Excited for that!!! And also awesome seats for the First Presidency Christmas devotional next Sunday, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert the following Sunday. We are spoiled this Christmas Season! Happy Holidays Everyone! Thanks for reading our blog...

A Baby Shower

We will be in Michigan this year for Christmas, visiting Seth's family. As a joint effort of his family and his friend Lara there will be a baby shower for us while we're there. Lara has a blossoming photography business and put together this invite for the shower -I Love It!! Especially what she did to the picture I emailed her :) This was taken yesterday so everyone - here is your updated belly photo (27w 3d). I'm really excited for Christmas, and the holiday season... This fun event is just one more thing to add on to the parties. Thank You Lara!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ponderings about the Nursery...

Since I've been feeling baby girl move so much more recently this whole thing is becoming more real. I've enjoyed working on our registry on target's website. And since we know where we will be moving in a month, I have been thinking a lot about how this little girl's room is going to look.

I'd love to recreate this against a purple wall:
the only thing is.... 1. I'm not sure we can paint and 2. I don't want to pay $60 for this.

So! how do we do this guys!? I need suggestions!! I don't want it to look terrible or ghetto or even completely homemade, if that's possible. We might just end up paying for it... but lets see what we can come up with first.

In order to get the wall purple - I've heard of 'pasting' a bed sheet to the wall with water/starch (not sure if that's the right combo of stuff to create the 'glue'). But the vinyl wouldn't stick to it, right? or would it? Anyway... Thanks for your help! I really appreciate any suggestions you may have....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Okay Ladies....

I am So Proud of myself right now... I try to express this excitement to Seth, and he is trained well enough to nod his head and agree with whatever I'm saying - but he just doesn't get it!!

So in Sept I got a gift card from work for my birthday for $30 to the mall. I've been saving it for a great deal of some sort - what better time would that be other than the holiday shopping season!? I've wanted some new makeup... and asked a co-worker for suggestions - she told me about Nordstrom's Clinique Bonus Time!!

I didn't know, but I guess b/c Nordstrom is way up on the 'expensive store' list they get different bonus time gifts sets than any of the other places that do it (like Dillard's). And you have to spend $25 to get the gift set rather the usual $21.50, but they have TONS better gift sets. So I went tonight to use my Gift Card... I was in need of new foundation and eyeliner.

See this bonus time set!?! What else do you need besides a great foundation and eyeliner!?! Blush, eye shadow, mascara, brushes... yea - all of that in the bonus set - I got a whole new face tonight! The colors are all perfect for me. Seriously - can you tell that I'm more than ecstatic about my purchases this evening!? It also came with face wash and an eye cream that reduces puffiness ... the only thing I will not be using is the lipstick (it's up for grabs, just let me know). So I paid $7.67 for it all. It cannot get better than that - thanks to the gift card. It totally made my day!!

A new make up tip I learned tonight - For those of us who don't have a perfect 'sharp' jawline and want to try to hide the little double chin action going on, here is a trick. Brush bronzer from ear to ear under your chin/jaw. It gives a shadow look/more defined... you can also do that from the corner of your lips up to your ear for that cheek bone definition. Glorious!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Strangest phone conversation I've ever had...

Me - "Radiology Billing, this is Megan, how can I help you?"

150 yr old lady - " huh? Megan.... my name isn't megan!"

Me - excuse me?

150 yr old lady - "I said my name is not Megan!"

Me - "My name is Megan. May I help you?"

150 yr old lady - " Help!?! Why would I need help... I don't need your help. "

Me - "Didn't you just call me?"

150 yr old lady - "No, why would I call you? I don't need any help."

Me - "Alright, well Thanks. Bye."

150 yr old lady - "bye."

Like I seriously offended her or something.... sheesh!!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mom's In Town!

My mom has come to visit!! She is actually here to be a perma babysitter for Olivia and Gage since their mom is going to DC for the week with her students. Totally excited we have her for the week though, and totally sad dad couldn't come along too. We ate at The Pie for dinner, on the way back from the airport. The Pie is in South Jordan - for sure the best pizza place ever, for sure recommend it to any and all!!! We try to find any excuse possible to go up North that way and eat.
Last night Seth and I had a fantastic date night. We went out to Sizzler for dinner, Amazing. I think I ate more than Seth, and that is quite the feat!!! :) And then we went to BYU's Dance ensemble, "Lifelines". It was a a great show. Seth had to go to some kind of art show/live performance for his Humanities class by Wednesday, so he gets to write a wonderful 3 page paper based off the performance. We stopped by an intramural frisbee game to see some friends - so cold. Didn't stay long and came home for some hot chocolate and a movie. It's been a great weekend so far!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Umm.... It's November. I think that is kind of crazy.

October was fun! We went to a Halloween party at Jessica's house (Seth TA's for her) - that was a blast. I'm from Iowa (GO HAWKEYES!!!) and just this year went to my first ever corn maze, wow - I know. We carved pumpkins with the Cho's... I carved a cat, Seth carved Jack from Nightmare before Christmas. Sister Amy came to visit us - we went Laser Tag (SOOOooo much fun!!!) and ate out at Tepanyaki for 50% (Happy Birthday Emily! Thanks for inviting us to your party). We (Seth, Amy, Aubrey, and I) played rockband and chatted for a while. Visited Great Aunt Marilyn and Great Uncle Wally at Gma's in PG and got to watch a bit of cousin Drake's playoff football game. Made Dinner in a pumpkin for the Jarvinen's, Hartleys, and ladies upstairs. Also made it for the work party - got movie tickets!!! b/c I dressed up at work. ( I was a jack-o-lantern for the 3rd time in a row - next year I'll try harder, promise. )

So this slideshow is from all of the activities listed above that I took, I need to take more photos.

Baby Girl... She usually keeps me company while I'm at work. I was nervous today b/c I hadn't felt her at all, and it was noon. I ate pop tarts and drank a root beer - She must have been taking a serious nap, I was going crazy with the sugar high myself. but a half an hour after it all, she let me know she was up and going. whew. I've only felt her once when I'm in bed, going to sleep... I sure hope that means she is sleeping while I am, and awake during the day. And that would be awesome if she stayed like that when she joins us out here in this crazy world.

Belly Pictures - after a few requests... here they are. I know, I know... I for sure need to be better at this and take more pictures. I have noticed a huge difference from morning pictures and night pictures. I never remember to snap a photo in the morning, but I'm working on it. GIRL NAME SUGGESTIONS VERY WELCOME.... please.