Thursday, October 15, 2009

Now I know who is beating me up from the inside...

It's a Girl!!!!

Well, our ultrasound didn't really go as "expected", but we are not complaining AT ALL! I am 20 wks today, it's all down hill from here?

First of all, I was so excited and actually nervous for this ultrasound. I read up online what people do in order to assure their baby is awake for the ultrasound. I feel her all the time in the morning, but she's not as noticeable in the afternoons/evenings. I read some doctor offices offer the mom orange juice if their baby is asleep, so I was drinking OJ on the way to the ultrasound.

It was incredible to see the baby's heart chambers (
yay for all 4 of them!), and the different parts of the brain. We checked up on her nose/lips for a cleft lip, ankle/feet for club feet. We're happy she's a healthy little girl, organs and all! She's measuring 21 weeks (a tad big, but the further along the more inaccurate the measurements are, as far as determining a good due date, so nothing will change there). She's also 15 oz.... almost a pound! (I've gained 2 lbs so far, since my appt last week... but I feel like I've gained 5 since then. I really don't want to gain hardly any, so we'll see...).

So why didn't it go as we exactly kind of had a hunch it would? .... We both didn't mind what the gender of the baby was. At first we thought it would be fun to have a girl, but would love a boy just the same. At 14
wks I took an intelligender test... and it said it was no doubt a boy. So I was kind of expecting it to be a boy. Seth just has sisters, he sure knows how girls work, so having a boy would be a very new experience completely. We were just taking the test for fun, to add another fun thing to the first half of the pregnancy. But today when the tech said it is a girl we were surprised in a fabulous way. ( I really prepared myself for the gender test to be correct, which is not scientifically proven yet... not sure how it works... now I don't really believe in it.)

I had her check the gender again, and again... at the very end another tech came in to look over the pictures and make sure our tech got everything she needed. She took a look at the little missus' and said it for sure looks like a girl to her as well. Then I was finally convinced.

Baby girl was kicking and punching me the entire time... it was difficult for the tech to get a good shot of the brain/spine, measurements of limbs because the little girl was dancing. (OJ does a body good?). I'm glad I didn't go with a
caffeinated drink! She did full twists multiple times... we'd be looking at the right side of her and she'd flip to her left. Somehow she was able to keep her face buried toward my spine for the entire hour and a half. Fantastic. In order to get the one profile picture (above) the tech was jabbing in my hip bone or looking in from my ribs. She was curled up for the majority of it, and occasionally would show off her legs in a full stretched out position. She has mighty fine legs too, they must be her dad's...

I'm pretty sure our tech was almost brand new, but she was mostly on her own. She had a long list of pictures she needed, and the baby wouldn't let her go in any particular order... the tech just got whatever picture she could when the baby was in her random positions. The big 20 wk ultrasound usually takes a half hour, so I've heard. But we were looking at our girl for a good hour and 20 minutes, maybe hour and a half. So we were spoiled!!! But I'm grateful because we chose to do it at the hospital b/c they are to give you a live DVD of it. But their DVD machine was down :(. I also wanted to do it there b/c they have a 3D machine that is fun to use and take a peek with. But the tech said when the baby is less than 27 weeks it does not look cute or human or nice at all in 3D... she said "let me put it this way, the last time we looked with the 3D machine at a 20 week fetus, I didn't save any pictures." I wouldn't have wanted anything different though! I twas a very fun evening peeking at the little girl.

It was the best to call our family! We were all (almost all) convinced it was a boy because of the
intelligender test. So it really made it fun to tell them it's a girl!! We're so glad she's healthy and all looks fantastic so far. I still have my worries... but this experience helped me calm those insecurities. She says hi by the way :) She's been punching/kicking... or waving/dancing this entire time I've been typing the post. (I guess she likes the chocolate devotion ice cream we got from cold stone to celebrate on the way home) ;)

Thanks for your love and support on our journey to start our family! So many blessings have been flowing in since our first few pregnancy adventures!

ps = Yay for Fluffy Bum tights that are coming back in style!!! Girls have lots of fun accessories!


  1. Yay Megan!! I love all of the things that go with girls!! SO much cute stuff!

    And of course, I am so happy that she is healthy and active and I can't wait to meet her!

  2. im so crazy excited for you!!! thats awesome that you got to watch her move for so long! she is going to be gorgeous!! congrats again!!!

  3. Congrats! You will be a fantastic mom!

  4. wow Megan! That is wonderful. You two deserve all the ahppiness you can get from these little moments!! You'll be wonderful parents. It's all one day at a time anyways!! Love you and think about you,

  5. woo hoo! i totally called it! congrats! yay for a girl, but boo for the fact that you can go into serious debt for all their cute clothes!