Sunday, October 4, 2009


First of all, our fireplace has been a hit lately... Raja hasn't paid too much attention to it. But we haven't been home in the last 24 hours and the landlady texted me this afternoon asking if she should check on the cat b/c she's been meowing nonstop since we've left. She had food and water, but I think it's because she was freezing. She didn't have a warm body to cuddle up with last night... So this is her new favorite spot:

I've never heard her purr so loud!

So what have we been up to lately? BYU football and my birthday was September 25th...

We got season tickets this year for BYU football, the last three weekends have been a lot of fun!! Well... the Florida State game wasn't exactly fun :) But we've been taking the football season in.
BYU vs ColoradoBYU vs Utah State
I wish I 've been taking more pictures... We went out with friends after the BYU/Utah state game to Appleby's. We had friends over for Rockband after the Colorado game. And Rockband/root beer floats with friends at our place after the Florida state game. It's a party house!

My Birthday! was the 25th... I got to sleep in a little bit, worked a shorter day, and my co-workers brought in balloons/treats/Birthday signs. It was pretty fun. Cousins Aubree, Eric, Chad met us for lunch, and Eric treated us to lunch at 5 Guys, a great burger joint. It was so nice of them! And lots of fun to catch up and visit a little bit.
We went out for dinner (we go out a lot) with friends (The Goodells, Cho's, John, Gma and Pa) to Texas Roadhouse in Lehi. I got on the saddle, though I was seriously dreading. They sang their restaurant happy birthday song to me as I took the baby on its first saddle ride. It was a fun time, also glad my grandparents joined us, even though it was so late in the evening by the time we actually ate.
Seth supposedly has never made a cake in his life... and I wasn't about to make my own birthday cake, so dear husband Seth got out the box and had an amazing first time life experience making a cake! He was amazed that it's just like brownies and you just add some water/eggs/oil . . . I loved that he spelled out my name with 27 candles :) Funfetti with real rainbow chip frosting... doesn't get better!

For my birthday I got 'The Undaunted', the new Gerald N Lund book I've been excited for. And a very nice hair straightner I've wanted! (first attempt of curling my hair with the straightner) And I got two belly bands from Target... and have a little more birthday money I just don't know what to do with yet :) It was a fantastic birthday!
ps if anyone wants to go to Thanksgiving Point's corn maze.... we're planning to get anyone and everyone together for a trip this Friday night.... come!

pps I FINALLY finished the rag quilt I made for Aubrey and Davin's addition, Preston, who came the end of July. It was just dumb I didn't do the last step (easiest step) until now... but it's done!!! And I like it.


  1. Hey sweet quilt! I think ali and I want to go to the corn maze. Well I know I do, but I havent asked ali. So count us in!

  2. i wanna go to the corn maze with u guyz :( and that cat cracks me up, i gotta meet her in person!

  3. Jed will corn maze it up with you guys and I will do the kiddie stuff with my nephews. Win, win, win. ;)