Friday, September 3, 2010

6 Months Old!

Wow! The crazy part about Scarlett being 6 months old is not that she is 6 months old... but that we've been parents for half a year! Time Flies.

Scarlett is becoming the most fun, independent little gal. Our pediatrician was impressed with her development and interaction with her during her well-check visit. And... She Doesn't Need A Helmet!! The helmet talk came up at the 4 month check, but it's rounded out quite nicely.

Here she is after getting her 6 month shots... happy as can be! I let her choose between a Cinderella princess sticker or a Tinkerbell sticker. She chose tinkerbell, and is wearing it proudly.

6 Month Stats:
16.3 lbs (60%ile)
26.25 in tall (70%ile)
17.25 in noggin (85%ile)

At 6 months Scarlett loves:
-Baby Einstien, she especially smiles at the green dragon in the Shakespeare episode
- FOOD! This girl is a pro eater so far, Mmm Mmm baby veggies.
- sleeping on her side
- taking her binkie out to play with, it's like accomplishing a Rubik cube for her to put it back in right to suck on again, but she has done it!
- growling and grunting ALL DAY LONG
- walks in the stroller
- sucking on her feet
- lunging toward Raja if she gets close to reaching distance
- Crinkly paper/baby wipes bag - anything that makes that kind of sound
- bathtime
- dad's hair. She always "pets" Seth if he is holding her, it's hilarious
- giving kisses to mom, dad doesn't quite accept them yet - too slobbery
- rolling from side to side as she's eating/holding her bottle.
- Shanowa, a co-worker of mine. She can really get Scarlett giggling!
- laughing w/ mom and dad
- looking in mirrors
- Raja

Scarlett does not like
- laying on the floor (unless it's with a bottle in her hands)
- not a fan of tummy time
- car seat, unless it's moving
- getting dressed

Mom and Dad LOVE that Scarlett...
- holds her own bottle
- Is a fantastic sleeper
- Is So DARN CUTE!!!! A baby cannot get cuter than she is.
- talks and interacts with people so much

We are very blessed to be her mom and dad.

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