Friday, September 24, 2010


I didn't know what to really put as this post's "title". I just feel like blogging... it's been a while... Seth's on the phone chatting away, I should go to bed, but I just feel like I should blog one. . .

Tomorrow, I turn 28 yrs old. Actually, specifically at 5:55 am I will have been on this Earth for 28 years. hmm. A few weeks ago I was going through my baby scrapbook. There were a few inserted folded up pages that was actually a questionnaire my mom and dad filled out. I'm guessing my mom's Lamaze teacher (?) had them fill it out b/c it's all questions about how and if the Lamaze techniques helped my mom. She must have taken a class? I don't know - I guess I should ask her.

But it was pretty neat to read through these answers and learn about my own birth story. Apparently mom had lots of false contractions with me and waited to go to the hospital b/c it she didn't want to be turned away if she went and wasn't really in labor. (Every expecting woman's fear, right?) But it started about 3 am. . . after a bit she decided to wake up my dad b/c... well, she says in her own words "... I hadn't done the times before, I figured since he didn't have to go to work the next day he could at least walk this time off with me."

Water broke at 3:40am, they were in the labor room getting prepped at 4:05. On this paperwork she talks about how she kept trying to relax, but would forget to until dad would remind her. and in his handwriting it says "You could plainly see by her facial expressions that she was very tense a lot of the time. But you could also see her relax instantly when you reminded her to. ... She did a beautiful job for our beautiful baby. "

At 5:40 they were on to the delivery room. Interesting that they had to go to a different room for all that... I'm grateful I didn't have to be switching rooms once I was admitted with Scarlett until all the fun stuff was done. But 15 min of pushing and I was out! All 8 lbs 11 oz of me! Big baby... 21 inches long. (same as Scarlett - 21 inches part. Luckily scarlett was 7 lbs even)

I love this - Mom, "Even though she was #3 it was just as exciting and awesome as welcoming #1 into the world."

And then dad's input in it all...
Were you present during labor? yes!
During the birth? You Bet!!
Was the role of coaching satisfying to you? Definitely, It could have lasted longer though, wasn't much to coach.
What could have been stressed more? early morning food for the coach. (haha, what a man.)
Do you feel you were adequately prepared for coaching? 3:30 in the morning... more sleep would have helped.... yes.
Additional comments - I thought your class was excellent, So good of a refresher that I don't think we'll have to take another one until our 6th or 7th child.

There are 7 kids in my family... funny how he knew the future.

ANYWAY! Happy 28th birthday to me. The gals at work decorated my desk very nicely on Thursday, So I've been soaking it in the last two days. And today at work we had cookies! AND we all left 2 hours early!!! I know, right? getting off early on Friday for my birthday!! Nah... everyone left early b/c the computers were down. (something about a gas pipe being cut into in Texas? uh... yea, that's what they said)

I've been wanting to go to Trafalga to go to the batting cages and mini golfing with Seth for my birthday. I had it in my mind all week. But then today I looked at our bank account and figured that wouldn't be a good idea since we're going out for Birthday lunch tomorrow... But Tonight was SO awesome and fun. I loved it all even though it wasn't what I thought I had to have for a perfect Birthday date night. We went to Jdawgs (the best hot dogs) and saw "Knight and day" at the dollar theater. It didn't matter what we did, we could have just driven around happy town Provo and it would have made the night just as awesome. B/C... Seth held my hand every second, opened the car door for me each time, and kept rubbing my shoulder and pulling me closer to him during the movie. That's all that made my night. Silly, silly...

Afterwards we went to Red Mango for frozen yogurt. Mmm Mmm... I Love Red Mango!! It was a fantastic evening.

Alright, time for bed. The video at the beginning of this post... I forgot to give it a caption... Scarlett is obsessed w/ our living room mirror. If we're holding her in the 'dining' area she'll see herself across the room and scream/giggle at herself in the mirror. It's hilarious. Tonight she did that, and Seth walked her over to it and she just starts laughing at herself. . . And gave herself kisses/sucked on the mirror over and over and over. She is TOO cute, I can't get enough of it.

After waking her up from geting her out of the car seat to put her to bed... changed diaper/Pj's on - she fell asleep in my arms and I was just holding her in my arms, rocking her like I would when she was a few weeks old and it was the best feeling. I'm already sad she won't just let me lay her on her side, in my arms and sway with her without her fighting to be sitting upright in my arms to look around or to go somewhere. That was the cherry on top of this perfect evening.

Time to go to bed so I can wake up and get my present from Seth!!! I know what it is... but I'll have to post about it next time so it's kind of a surprise to someone...

Babbling now... too tired... G'night!

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  1. That sounds like a fantastic night-before-the-birthday!! How fun to have your parent's thoughts on your birth... that's a great idea! Maybe I'll have to start compiling questions for the future that both of us can answer... hmm...

    Happy birthday today!! I'm excited to see what your present is.