Monday, September 27, 2010


Since coming home from Japan over 5 years ago I have had at least a dozen dreams of flying back to Japan JUST so I could go to the hyaku yen store. No joke. I get off the plane, go to the hyaku yen and spend hours there (some have multiple floors, a DOLLAR store with multiple floors!!!)and then get on the plane to fly back to America. Japan has AMAZING dollar stores.

We live across the street from K-mart. Hmm, maybe I should say that so openly... I understand that spells out G-H-E-T-T-O. But really, our condo complex isn't bad. But two doors down is The Dollar Store.

I went there today.

I Am So Excited!!!!!!!So... I haven't owned an umbrella in YEARS b/c I've never felt like I could just pay $10+ (cheapest i could find) for something I only use maybe three times a year. Well, I bought TWO today! One for each car... $1.00 each. (well, DI is also a good source to find a cheap umbrella)
I've always wondered about how much dryer balls could do for us. I've heard good things, my grandma has them... But they're $5.00+ at wal-mart or wherever I go. I just never have been ok with paying up for little plastic spikey balls. Well, I'm going to try them out finally, $1.00.
I've wanted to get Scarlett foam blocks or letters/shapes to chew on and play with in the tub, etc. I had some in my cart once, I think they were like 40% off at Carter's and it was still going to cost me $4.00+. We didn't NEED them, and figured it could wait until next paycheck. Well - I got her letters and numbers, $1.00 each.

They have awesome educational board books about states, the presidents, etc. Scarlett's not quite ready for those so I passed, but I know where to find them. They had tons of educational posters you can put on your wall to learn words, the alphabet, etc. That you'd see in any elementary school classroom. A HUGE variety of gift bags (always more than $2-3.00 at wal-mart). Lots and lots of halloween decorations/costume accessories. I know some things there you can find for cheaper elsewhere. And while you can find a legit Sharpie brand permanent marker there - it most likely doesn't have as much ink in it as you would buy from a different store. (??) I don't just load the basket with all these "good" buys - but there are some really good deals.

Like the detangler I bought Scarlett at Target a few weeks ago - same stuff, larger variety, same brand for $1.00. OR Her little hair elastics for her hair that I got at Target that had 150 pieces in the package and was like $2.99 - Well the dollar store had a pack of 750 elastics, same size/color. I'll go there when I need me some more elastics... And I did get her a pack of 6 headbands for a buck.

You know how coupons are rarely for items you actually use? I am always looking through the store ads and Red Plum coupons, etc. that come in the mail box or at our door - but I maybe find one or two coupons for something I actually already buy/use. Well, I spent $13 for items I had been looking at getting, needing, wanting for months now! I'm a TOTAL fan of the dollar store... They also sell a good variety of fake flowers that are perfect for taking apart to make flower hair clips. Anyway! I'm sold...

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  1. I just got those same dryer balls! I've only used them once so far with towels and they didn't seem to help, but I'll have to try them again.