Monday, September 27, 2010

My Birthday...

I'm 28!

I had such a fabulous birthday this year. I think it's majorly because I'm just really happy with my life right now. But I got to kind of sleep in. We had Norwegian pancakes for breakfast, we visited with friends, I went to the RS broadcast, and then made apple crisp with Seth for as my birthday treat. (not a fan of cake). We ate it with amazing ice cream and played Bohnanza with Dav/Aub and Cousin Dave.

It was just a good day. My main birthday present!?!
A 4th Generation ipod touch! from Seth. I play his ipod every night before I go to bed, so I think he decided he's sick of that and I needed my own. This is such a fun toy, and resourceful too! I can get unlimited games, music, facebook, news, etc. internet access and the whole Gospel library is on mine now. I even have a Christmas countdown going! :) And baby flash cards! And a peek-a-boo game with animals for Scarlett!! Endless fun...


  1. Happy birthday! I love the iPod touch. I play with Adam's every night before I go to bed, too! So it's "our" iPod now, lol. Glad you had a fun day!

  2. I hope you had an awesome birthday! Looks like you did. And I hope you enjoy your ipod touch! We love ours. So many cool things on it. We need to get together soon! You have never even met Rylee!