Sunday, August 5, 2012


Scarlett is almost 2 1/2 years old now, and extremely addicted to her binky. Before Lincoln came we almost had it controlled to only nap/bed time. However, lately it's been anytime she finds one, she has it in her mouth. We haven't been strict about keeping it back to nap time.

I haven't been to worried about taking her binky away because at the dentist appointment in April Scarlett's dentist explained until they're 3-4 years old it's not bad for their teeth. Their teeth can still easily be fixed without braces, orthodontic intervention, etc. I appreciated that he understood how important this soothing device is for little ones.

But when I was helping Scarlett with a good tooth brushing this morning It is clear to me her bite isn't right and her front 4 teeth are considerably "off" compared to her bite/bottom teeth. No More Binky For Scarlett.

Of course within 10 minutes of Seth and I discussing it is time to get rid of the B all together, cold turkey, not even allowed for nap/sleeping time, she had found one and was sucking on it. Seth took it away and it turned into a solid tantrum that lasted forever. Kicking, screaming, red and sweaty - Scarlett was extremely mad at the world!! We couldn't keep from laughing at times, but then it turned into me crying along with her. This is hard stuff!! I want Scarlett to be happy and comfortable! When she is sad and scared she always wants her binky and Blue (her Dr. Seuss thing 1 thing 2 doll).

So I read a few articles - while she was still going strong with that tantrum. The majority of the articles I read were about just snipping the tips of the binky so there's no resistance when they suck on it. My brother Ben had told me to do this months and months ago - that's what worked for their kids, piece of cake. So! I took one in the other room and snipped it. I threw it at Seth without her looking - I don't want to be the bad guy to give her the broken binky!

He gave it to the screaming, kicking crazy girl - and instantly she was all better, calm, and happy. After a few minutes cuddling with Seth she took it out of her mouth and found the snipped tip. She looked at us, "It's break." (she's working on that grammar stuff) "Oh no Scarlett! It's broken?". And she tried to keep sucking on it...

A moment later she just dropped it on the floor, she didn't want it anymore. A few minutes later, she put it back in her mouth, tried it for a moment, and took it out again. Lost interest.... We'll see how nap and bed time goes. I hope we'll be okay!

This seems like such a silly post, but I was about to write a facebook status about it and stopped myself. I'm trying to keep the every day life status' to a minimum - I feel like I do it too much and who wants to hear play by play on our lives? Hahaha... that's what blogs are more for. If people want to know the play by play of the Burke's - they'll look at the Burke's personal blog. Facebook is a bit public.

 We are excited to not need to go in panic mode when we can't find a binky for her and she's having a fit for it!! Or in the middle of the night she sometimes (rarely) wakes up crying b/c she can't find it in her blankets.

And this is my post about silly binkies and Scarlett's addiction to them. Wish us luck tonight at bedtime!!


  1. I have heard from many mothers that cutting the binky works wonders. I bet she will be fine in a few nights...keep giving her 'blue' and she will do great! Preston loves sleeping with his "puppies". It is soo nice not having to worry about binkys anymore. (at least for one of the kids haha) Good luck!! Stay strong! ;-)

  2. oh those freakin binkies! i love them and i hate them.... good luck, i still have nightmares about when we took them away from wil, crying for his "nigh nights" constantly... i hope that the cutting them thing works out for u, good luck! stay strong!!!