Friday, July 27, 2012

6 weeks!

It has been SIX weeks!? Which sounds pretty crazy, but when I really think about it - yea, that's about right. I go back to working part time next Tuesday. It's been like a cloud over my thoughts this past week, so then I question if I really should go back to work or not. But I have thought it through many times, and the pros outweigh the cons. We'll see how it goes.

The biggest problem we may run into, with me going back to work, is Scarlett's sleep schedule. The girl sleeps in until 10am every morning!! We try to get her into bed about 7:30, it seems to always be 9:00 when we're able to finally turn off the light and say good night. She consistently sleeps at least 13 hours a night. So Wednesday night she didn't get to sleep until 9:45ish since we were visiting family late - She slept in until 11am Thursday!!

I don't mind her sleeping in, it has really helped me get lots of sleep since Lincoln's been waking up every 3-4 hours to eat.

Lincoln is such a great baby. He seemed to have mild reflux and fussy/colic moments after we brought him home from the hospital. But things have gotten better in just this short amount of time. He doesn't cry much unless he is starving. Knock on wood - he hasn't really ever cried for longer than a few moments, he is very easy to soothe.

We usually put him in the bassinet about 10:30-11pm and he'll wake up consistently about 4 and 7am to eat. I can handle that!

He is starting to coo a lot more and we can sometimes get a smile out of him. He still goes cross eyed frequently and puckers his lips - it's adorable!

He likes to be on our chest, and he does pretty good at trying to hold his head up when he wants to. I think he looks so much like Scarlett, but his hair is definitely staying dark! Scarlett's hair was already very light brown and coming in blonde when she was 6 weeks old. Not gonna lie - we're excited we won't have to answer the questions,  "Where does he get hs hair from?",  "Is your husband blonde?", "Is he adopted?"

Lincoln has endured Scarlett's moments where she's actually interested in holding him and trying to play with toys together. She's very good at being patient with us if we're feeding/changing/bathing him. She loves being the big sister and helping us!! I think the timing was just right for spacing these two.

Lincoln has always been kind of a drama boy. In the beginning his coughs and gasps for air would seriously worry me. His cough is this very involved "hack", it's really hard to describe it. He'll sometimes have these gasps for air like he couldn't breathe for minutes at a time. I was always afraid he wasn't breathing, or he couldn't get air. But after weeks of watching him do this many times throughout the day and jumping out of bed at the smallest sound of struggle in the night - we've realized it's just Lincoln! He is just kind of drama about it. He makes me laugh. He is a Grunter! And he snorts and sighs all the time. He lets us know with all his expressions that we seem to be constantly "inconveniencing" him.

This Youtube video has him coughing :38 seconds into it. This time he's actually coughing something up. 

And I posted a video on Youtube that is a bit long, of Scarlett and Lincoln together in the hospital when he was a day old, June 16th. 

We love having Lincoln in our lives! Wish us luck as we try to figure out a routine next week when real life starts up again.

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