Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Demolition Derby!

So two Saturdays ago Seth and I went to the Heber City Demolition Derby with his co-workers (2nd year in a row) and that was such a fun date night with fantastic company. We were lucky to go to another Derby in Richfield last Saturday!
My cousin Eric wasa driver, and it was really fun to see him and my relatives in that element. Scarlett really enjoyed herself, especially being with her little cousins and great grandparents. 

 This picture is awesome of SCarlett and Great grandpa Unsicker!! Credit goes to Seth for the perfectly timed snap with the camera. I love SCarlett's purple ear plugs too, GGma was so nice to share hers.
This last photo is my favorite one of all. These two have a bond that I get jealous of at times.
 So sweet.

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