Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Binkies - part 2

SUCCESS!!! Well... so far. The first night was T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E! She screamed for a solid 45 minutes. Her hair was half wet from sweating, I thought she wouldn't have a voice the next day from screaming. It was baaaaad.

She still had her binky, but it was broken! She just slept with it though. Monday she didn't take a nap. But Monday night went better than the first night. She still asked for a binky. We gave it to her - but she said it was broken. She accepted that we didn't have anymore and would have to go to the store...And luckily she hasn't remembered that conversation.

Tuesday (yesterday) she was at Jenni's, our sitter while I'm at work, and Jenni said she took a nap no problem! She didn't even ask for one. SCORE!

Last night, she still asked for it. But didn't put it in her mouth. She started crying a little later in the "going to bed" process, and I told her to get her binky. Then she told me, "No, it's broken. lets just keep it right here", and she set it on the pillow next to her. Perfect.

This was seriously a piece of cake. I 100% recommend just snipping off the tips when it comes to binky weening.

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