Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Whatever will entertain her...

She surely doesn't look excited, but she was all about trying on a mask when we were at the hospital yesterday. It had Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy on it! I'm grateful for anything that keeps her entertained and occupied while we go to the hospital twice a week for fetal non-stress tests on Baby Brother!! 

Everything is going very well in the pregnancy. They have just been monitoring my blood pressure, Amniotic fluid, placenta function, baby boy's movements, etc. twice a week. Which will go on until I deliver. Party on... 

I've taken Scarlett with me 2 of the 3 times so far. The nurse, and my sister Alicia both recommended I bring her so when baby does come she isn't nervous about me being in the hospital or on a bed, with monitors, etc. It hasn't even phased her. I'm glad she comes along with me though, and for the most part behaves pretty well and has been easy going. 

I was thinking about about my induction date some more... And after talking to my mom - she brought up the point that the doctors probably don't do inductions on Sundays... duh. So I wouldn't be induced on father's day anyway.... So the chances of me having a Father's Day baby are pretty, very slim. So we'll see how things go, but I'm thinking I'll be induced as early as they'll let me. :)

That means it's seriously time to get that nesting in. I'm due NEXT month! In less than 6 weeks, Yikes!

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  1. Planned inductions, never on a Sunday. I have had an unplanned induction for high blood pressure though, so I guess their is still a small possibility... do you have any names yet?