Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I've had a fabulous weekend. Mother's Day always brings mixed emotions for me. I'm overwhelmed with how blessed I am to have my perfect Mom, Debbie. And blessed to have a wonderful Mother-in-Law, Sandi. I also reflect on all the women in my life who have helped and supported me throughout my life, Grandmas, Aunts, sisters, cousins, etc. It's more of a "women's Day" for me.

It was just a few Mother's Days back that I was in the middle of miscarrying a hopeful 2nd pregnancy that came 8 months after my first pregnancy, which was medically terminated for possible life threatening reasons. It was one of the most trying and growing times of my
personal life. And while I seriously disliked the "holiday" and tried to focus on my mom instead of being a mom - A certain appreciation developed for this special day we celebrate motherhood. 

    I love the talk by Sheri L Dew, "Are We Not All Mothers?"  She says it all best.

My heart is full to be so blessed to have Scarlett as my daughter. I get to be a mom to one of the most beautiful, bright, tender, and sassy daughter's of God who is blossoming with personality. I'm so excited to meet my son, and recognize how blessed I am to have this opportunity to mother another
spirit entrusted to Seth and I.

Seth got me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I've evvvvveeer received!! AND - he got me a crepe maker. Mmmmmm. That could be seriously bad news.
Saturday night, last night, we went and splurged at the IMAX and saw The Avengers in 3D - such a great movie! Extremely entertaining.
Today - We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, had a seriously great time at church, and had a delicious steak dinner with Aubrey & Davin (and Preston & Claire). It really has been a very wonderful last few days.

And I'm totally convinced, as I have before but it was reassured this past week, Sometimes you just gotta let it all out - have a serious good cry. And life is 100x better. I had a few this week actually - and I've been flying high ever since. Ha ha ha, Just let it alllll out!

Isn't she a doll!?


  1. The great news is that a crepe maker doesn't have to be bad news. There are awesome recipes out there for crepes made with whole wheat and cottage cheese, and they taste simply amazing. If you load them up with something savory, then have fresh fruit and a little whipped cream in the last couple for dessert, you can have quite a healthy meal. Can you tell I've been craving/eating crepes like crazy lately!