Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! 

May 1st, is May Day. It's a European holiday, but some part of the United States celebrate it. I grew up in Iowa, and we would make May Day baskets to pass around to "ding dong ditch" to friends and neighbors. The baskets we made were paper cones and had popcorn and candy inside. So Sunday Scarlett and I made some baskets so we would be prepared to drop them off at our friend's houses before I had to get to work.  
 It was rainy this morning, so Scarlett was quite bundled up. She insists on wearing this vest about every other day!
Lily's May Day basket! Since it was before 9 am, we didn't ring the door bell...
She insisted on carrying the rest of the baskets and supplies to the car.... Scarlett loves "helping" so much, she really takes charge sometimes, okay - most of the time!
Lexi's basket...

We got popcorn everywhere. You're not suppose to get caught giving a may day basket, b/c then the person who caught you can run and give you a kiss! I love this photo that shows Popcorn down the car "step", you can't see it very well but there is actually popcorn all the way down the sidewalk. I wish I would video tape moments like these.
Owen's Basket!

A co-worker gave everyone a flower for May Day. I thought it was so awesome Scarlett and I just finished delivering baskets and here someone was giving me a May Day flower! She is from Missouri, go figure. I kind of love how unpopular this tradition/holiday is... but really loved sharing this tradition/holiday with a co-worker!!

And that's May Day for you! 

When I was in elementary school, one year we decorated a May Day Pole, kind of like this:

Yay for fun traditions that brighten your day and a special moment of happiness to share with others. 

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