Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Part I - Vegas/Iowa

Thursday, a week before Thanksgiving, we drove down to Vegas. It's cheaper to fly out Vegas, MUCH cheaper. Cheap Hotels too, and the best free entertainment in the US.

*We stayed at the Station Palace. You have to pay a $15 amenities fee when you stay there, which includes a free airport shuttle. AND you can park your car there when you fly out Vegas, we saved big time w/o paying airport parking daily fees.

*We walked up and down the strip for 2 hours with Scarlett in the stroller(9-11pm). It was a blast! It was also ridiculous because we were in search for a 'cool, not your average inexpensive restaurant' place to eat dinner. And... we'd pass one and decide to see what we'd find next. Seth and I were both kinda grumpy b/c we were tired and hungry. It was an adventure. We'd walk in and out of hotel lobbies to see what neat things we could find. And we actually ended up eating at the 'cool, not your average inexpensive restaurant' - Panda express. ha - yea, that really worked. AND! It was just a few blocks away from our car, we ate on the way back. Joy.

*We got lots of compliments and 'aww' looks b/c of Scarlett. A few men who had clearly had a few drinks in them, advised Seth while we were waiting at a crosswalk. "You better not let that one out of the house once she turns 12. She is a cute, it's all down hill from here". Thanks boys.

*Our flight left Friday at noon to Cedar Rapids, IA. 20 min drive from my home. Mom, Dad, Aaron, and Kara picked us up about 6:00pm and we drove north to Cedar Falls to see my High School football team play in the State Championship game! It was pretty fun!!

*We Spent Saturday, Sunday, Monday in Iowa City. Saturday, my sister and Bro in Law Alicia/Tim came down from their home in Wisconsin. We all went to eat at Texas Roadhouse and then to see "Unstoppable" at the theater.

*Sunday was busy, busy too! We went to Church at the home ward. And There was a big Hartley Family dinner right after. It was so great to spend time with Gma & pa Hartley, Dillon & Sarah were in town from Georgia... Armbrusters, Days, tony's family, Tim & Hannah's family, etc were all there. It's never a dull moment during a Hartley Family gathering. Scarlett really enjoyed Gma Hartley's homemade Macaroni & Cheese. But then again, who doesn't?

*Monday, Seth went to join his family who was gathering in Nauvoo for the wedding on Tuesday. But I stayed another day in Iowa City with my family. Monday night my sister Kara had a Jazz Band concert, she plays the piano. I'm glad I stayed for that. Scarlett really enjoys live music, a lot. It was really fun to see her dancing on my dad's lap during the concert... Alicia and Scarlett's Cousins Ellia & Beck were there too. After the concert Alice and I drove to Nauvoo with the kids to join the wedding festivities on the Burke side.

I love that a lot of our families live in the same state, Iowa. We're lucky, it's such a good thing!

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