Thursday, January 27, 2011


Christmas this year was different than any other Christmas I've ever experienced!! We were a family... of our own... in our own home. We got a real tree. We had our Miss Scarlett with us. We went to Christmas parties Every Single Weekend During December!

I Love The Holidays! I do. But ... the month goes crazy fast with all the Holiday Everything. You know what I'm saying.

We saw the Christmas Motab concert, with David Archuleta as the guest. LOVED IT. Really wish we had walked around Temple Square to enjoy the lights though, :( :( :(. Next Year.

Seth's work party was at the Grand America hotel downtown Salt Lake. It was a blast. About 1,000 people were there. They had a photo booth - That was a ton of fun. Random tables with good food on it, like a Chinese theme you could make up your own Take Out box... steak/potatoes/veggies, etc. . . finger foods . . . hot chocolate/coffee/bar. They had Xbox Kinect & wii's hooked up to huge TV's you could play different games on to get raffle tickets. We had a gigantic, everyone involved Rock-Paper-Scissors contest. They had the final 4 people who hadn't lost go up on the stage to finish it all out. 3rd place - SLR camera 2nd place - Gigantic TV 1st place . . . drumroll. . . . Trip to TAHITI!!! (worth $7,000). Insane.
They also had an ugly sweater contest - we all voted on a winner, who go $1,000 cash. Neon Trees performed at the end... 9:30pmish. They were amazing performers. It was a great evening.

My work party. Catered dinner at a UVU ballroom. Had a little co-worker baby face/current picture contest. And got our Christmas bonus. I'm glad there are cool girls I work with and we sat at an entertaining table.

Ward party... Christmas music, dinner. We mingled with one of the counselors in the Stake Presidency and his family. Turned out he went through the same Masters Program Seth is currently in the middle of with University of Phoenix. It was so awesome we could chat about how it's going, what it'll be like, get tips and advice, etc. It was super cool, and encouraging.

We had a Christmas Eve party with some friends and family. Seth's Sister and her family came, Phil & Sierra, My Brother Brian, and Ashley&Ian. We played a game, ate chili, visited, Exchanged gifts.

After everyone had left, we were very ready for bed, but we read the Nativity story from the Scriptures and cuddled on the couch with our beautiful Christmas tree across the room. I wish we weren't as tired as we were...

Christmas Morning!!! It was exciting! I had planned to make my mom's sweet roll she always makes Christmas Morning - but I didn't. :(. We opened presents. SCarlett was much more interested in the wrapping paper until we'd show her what toy would do what. Except for her pillow pet, she really lit up for that! She squeeled, and kissed it multiple times. It was pretty cute.

We skyped with Seth's parents as Scarlett opened up the gifts from Gmapa Burke. She loves the Baby Einstein piano they gave her. She also got a baby doll from them, her first one! And I was surprised how interested she was in it, and the look she gave it when she saw what it was. It was touching? Not sure what the word is... but I could see my little girl's heart become fond of it in an instant. It was cute.

My brother Brian came over late morning and we watched blue ray movies (we bought over Black Friday) on our new blue ray player. We watched the movies ALL DAY LONG! In our PJ's... in fact, we wore PJ's for the rest of the weekend!

Later afternoon we went to the Jarvinen's for family Christmas Day Dinner. It was pretty yummy!! Aubrey fixed up Ham, Potatoes, rolls, bean casserole, etc. etc. Amazing Pie w/ ice cream. Scarlett and Preston had a blast cruising around the apartment chasing each other. Well, I think Preston was just walking toward Scarlett and she would think he was chasing her and start laughing hysterically. Those two are soooo cute cousins together. It's crazy adorable. We played some games... went home and watched another movie. :).

And that was our Christmas! Seth got . . . a remote control helicopter, clippers for me to learn how to cut his hair, Inception, two neck ties, can't remember what else. I got perfume, cashmere hat/glove set, an awesome folding table I can craft/sew/scrapbook on. Family present - blu ray player w/ movies. Scarlett - pillow pet, reverence book, toy I can't explain from us. And the baby Einstein Piano, bib, doll from Gmapa Burke. AND she got a savings bond, Cute book, dress, and pocket nativity from Gmapa Hartley. Oh! Davin, bro in law, handmade me this really cool Japanese lantern. It's awesome! We have it hanging in our living room, but need to work out the plug in situation so we can use it. It's pretty amazing though. Seth got a Video Game and cousin Preston gave Scarlett this fun Kangaroo shapes toy that talks and sings. My brother Brian got us some cool movies, a vintage mickey mouse sweatshirt, and Scarlett - a cute hoody. It was such a great Christmas, look how blessed we are. And nothing tops the feeling of Christmas' spirit. Nothing tops the feelings sent straight from Heaven, and having the knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ's life in our lives.

That... was our Christmas. It was it's own different, special, exciting and fun Christmas season.

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