Thursday, January 27, 2011

As of late...

New Years was nice. We really just stayed in and had an evening to ourselves. We watched "How to Train your dragon". . . and had some Martinelli's together. Scarlett was fast asleep.

The new year is always an exciting time of year. . . the sense of renewing goals and starting fresh. But is always a downer in a way b/c . . . Winter is still here, There's no paid holiday at work until Memorial Day, and It's back to real life after the best time of year.

Scarlett hit 10 months at the beginning of the year. She gets cuter every day, it kills me. Her confidence in the last few weeks to walk has increased enough that she is letting go of furniture to take 6-7 steps to one of us or a different peace of furniture. At 10 months 3 weeks she randomly decided to crawl on all 4s. So random. We thought she'd never crawl!! She just has always been interested in standing and walking around furniture. But... a few days after she started taking her steps she just started crawling places. silly girl. Now she can sit up on her own from a laying down position too! It was like magic, within 2 days it was almost as if she decide to sit up, get up, crawl, and walk on her own.

I've really been learning a lot about her personality too. It's difficult to explain. She's happy, it's very easy for her to just look at you and smile for a while. She loves to clap, raise her hands in the air at "soooo big are you!". She's almost always crossing her feet in her car seat, high chair, sitting on my lap, even just sitting down sometimes. so cute. She likes to carry clothes or shoes around with her as she cruises furniture. She loves mirrors. She's getting the sippy cup down pretty good. She has a temper, gets annoyed or upset easily if she can't pick something up or I make her lay down to change her diaper, etc. She LOVES peek-a-boo, or leaning around a corner or chair to get your attention, and then she just grins a bit before she begins 'peek-a-boo'. She likes to get caught doing something she knows I ask her not to, especially turning the speaker/bass knob by the TV. She likes to be chased. She likes when mom chases her and dad around the house. Just recently, in the last few days she points, points at everything. Which is a developmental thing, I've read. And is way cute. She gets really excited to go places, or to be picked up out of her crib in the morning or from a nap. Everyone is her friend. She sees any younger child and gets so excited that she may get their attention. This is why primary is perfect for us.

Did you know she dances? :) She's been doing it for about 2 months now, but the girl loves her music. Well, she loves to dance. She doesn't need music really. She headbangs, hard. She loves to raise one hand in the air as she's nodding her head, it is hilarious. Absolutely Hilarious. She eats great, sleeps amazing. Loves bath time... A lot. Loves books, Baby Einstein, CHURCH, and Raja. She Loves, and Adores her daddy. She gets so excited to see him and watches him wherever he goes. Sometimes, when he is at work... she'll glance over at his chair to see if he's home. That melts my heart. We wait outside for him if it's nice out, when he comes home from work. Or we'll wait for him by the window, and she'll start waving. She loves her daddy!!

Sorry,I'm going on and on. I feel extremely blessed and forunate for this beautiful little girl in our life. I absolutely love my sweetheart and enjoy taking care of her needs.

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