Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here we go!

Are you ready for this? Scarlett has begun walking and crawling in the last three days. . . She showed absolutely no interest in crawling at all, her entire life. We knew she'd walk before crawling. She's always shuffling along furniture and walls, it's been for months now.

The last week or so Scarlett would take a 3-5 steps between Seth and I. But in the last three days she's decided to attempt crawling on all fours. No more of that side-leg-sweep-army-crawl thing she had going on.

Tonight Scarlett and I had a night with the girls while Seth was at class. Scarlett was walking to people and furniture on her own without us trying to get her to! It was so exciting, she's really getting her confidence up. AND she was crawling too!! Seriously, Just within those few hours, at a friends house she decided crawl AND really walk for the first time! She's definitely mobile now.

The poor miss has such a crappy cold right now though. She's been coughing and sneezing all night long. But it hasn't stopped her. Boy does she hate me wiping the snot off her face. :( She has actually had a cold since she got sick over Thanksgiving. She had Amoxicillin to treat an ear infection the first of December, and then they gave her a different antibiotic to treat a sinus infection just before Christmas. And through those two antibiotics she still had this cough, that is now much worse with this new cold she caught. Poor girl! I took her in to the doc again after the nurse suggested I should since the cough had been lingering past 6 weeks. Doc said it was 1. RSV or Bronchulitis. 2. mild asthma 3. pnuemonia. He said it couldn't really be 2 or 3, so he said it's 1. Which... I'm pretty sure she doesn't have RSV, b/c that would probably mean it's bad enough she'd need breathing treatments through a nebulizer, or she'd have a congested cough. Well, this cough of hers wasn't really congested, it was just there... or she'd have coughing fits throughout the night. I'm not really worried, but don't want to neglect anything if it is something to worry about. ANYWAY! Now... she really has a cough, and is much more sick than the lingering cough she had. But she still sleeps... still eats... still smiles, plays, dances, is happy! Sigh, she's such a keeper.

So! Now that that was completely boring, here's a video clip I got of her crawl tonight... should have busted out the camera for her walking - I'll get some tomorrow! So much stuff to catch up the blog with - Thanksgiving and Christmas time. We'll see... but just know - we're alive, happy, and busy, busy!

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