Monday, April 12, 2010


Whew! Life is busy busy busy... Not busy enough that I have an excuse for not blogging much though.

Easter was honestly lame for us. We were sick. I didn't even get Scarlett dressed up in her Easter dress :( That Saturday night we went to Salt Lake for a bridal shower. Seth went to Priesthood with his friend James and James' (then future) father-in-law. The bridal shower was a lot of fun! We had Seth and James do the good ol' ask/answer the fiance questions and the bride gets gum if she answers the question differently than the fiance. Gates (Cari - an old mission companion) ended up eating a lot of gum - but actually did extremely well - we just gave her a ton of gum when she did answer differently. Anyway - after the shower Gates quickly got sick, I was nervous it was the gum! She actually was throwing up for hours that night... Poor, poor girl!

But Poor, poor Seth... He was up all night in the bathroom too. Sparing details lets just say I peeked in to see if he was still alive and he had the trash can in his hands as he was sitting on the pot too. Poor guy. I started getting sick a few hours after him - but no puking. I'm pretty sure it was from the food at the friday night mission reunion - or we got some random SUPER contagious bug. But I found out Sunday/monday that at least 11 others that were at the reunion got sick and started showing symptoms starting Saturday late night/Sunday early morning. Seth got bad enough that we went to the Urgent Care. Luckily I was feeling well enough to drive us to the Urgent Care (but that was only because it was 4 blocks away - I couldn't go much farther w/o a bathroom near by). Ugh - it was terrible. Seth was so dehydrated. He got a shot in the butt and was told to come back for an IV if he couldn't keep fluid down. I took them home and went back out to get some pedialyte, 7-up, crushed ice, and gatorade, quite the liquid menu. So glad Scarlett didn't get sick. But that sure was a moment when it was a juggle to care for our sweet little one, we both didn't have much energy. So glad we're all better now! And it was nice to have Seth home with us Monday when he was still recovering. SO! That was our Easter Weekend - Lame! Luckily we got photos of Scarlett done at JCPenny with her Easter dress on. These are actually a slide show of all the photos they took, she was 3 1/2 weeks when these photos were taken.

The next weekend was much more enjoyable... Friday Gates and James got married in Salt Lake! It was SO nice to be in the temple, I love going to sealings and being there with Seth. We are very blessed, extremely blessed. And I'm grateful for our happy marriage. Scarlett was babysat in the temple waiting room, I'm glad she was so close and with us for the rest of the festivities. She looked pretty darn cute in her Ralph Lauren green polo dress (Thanks Eliza!!) and a matching flower headband! (I made it!)

The wedding was the smallest I've been to, and it was SO, so so nice! I absolutely loved it! There were maybe 20 people there? It was a sweet and special sealing. A fun time with the photo taking outside and then an awesome reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

YES - this is another couple Seth and I introduced to each other. The groom is a good friend of Seth's from Michigan. And the bride is a good friend of mine from the MTC/Mission. they're absolutely PERFECT for each other! One of the best parts of setting up couples has been that they get married in Salt Lake and have a luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building - the food there is RIDICULOUS... ridiculously GOOD.

This past Saturday... the weather was amazing!! We went out to run some errands and fortunately had the stroller in the car because we ended up stopping at our favorite park (Nielsen Grove) and going for a stroll. We ran into old friend Shaun Broderick and his wife, it was fun to visit with them for a while. And later that night our friends Phil and Sierra came over and we watched the SLC Real soccer game.

Sunday... it was Scarlett's first time going to all three hours of church. She really liked it. And so did I.

After church we got the picnic basket all ready with a yummy lunch and we went back to our favorite park. So many firsts for Scarlett and a brand new family! It was more windy than Saturday and overcast too - but it was still nice. We had a good stroll around the park and came home to catch up on 24. We watched 3 episodes to catch up and Holy Cow is this season exciting! but we still missed the episode tonight - so we're behind again. haha, we just love playing catch up.

So that has been our weekends... During the week Scarlett and I enjoy house chores, making dinner, doing laundry, diapers/bottles/rocking in the recliner. Seth is busy, busy, busy. We don't see him on Monday and Thursday nights. And in between then he is working on school papers/research when he is home. He's a hardworking man though, I'm so grateful he enjoys his job!

Scarlett is so cute. She's got a great night schedule going - I sure hope she keeps it up. It's been 5 days now - she will eat around 9:00pm, go to sleep by 11:00 and won't wake up to eat again until 5:30am. I sure hope she does that tonight considering I'm still writing this post and it's 11:00pm and I start work again tomorrow. Scarlett is going to start spending Tuesdays and Wednesdays at her aunt Aubrey's house playing with cousin Preston while I go back to work part time. I'm grateful it's only two days a week! And then on Saturdays I'll go into work for four hours, and that will be special daddy/daughter time. I'm hoping this schedule will work out as perfect as it sounds like it will.

Anyway -she's a great baby. She has been coo-ing a ton more. She sure talks/grunts a lot. I think she's going to be quite the smart/intelligent little one. Or maybe that just means she's very social.
So - I feel like my posts are lame - they're like journal entries rather than entertaining and witty articles. Plus it reminds me how terrible my English is. Something is better than nothing... It's way past bedtime! This is our update and more fun things are happening the second half of this month - Scarlett's grandpas and grandmas are coming to visit for Seth's graduation and her blessing!!! We're Very, very excited for them to meet her for the first time! (well all for the first time but grandma Hartley).


  1. Your posts aren't boring! I love the pics of Scarlett. Hey, we had 12 people in our sealing room with us and it was very special. We could have had a lot more, but we kept it to just a few. I loved it.

    Glad you're better!

  2. look at her chubs!!! She's like a different baby! Good luck at your first day back at work. It's AWESOME that Aubrey can watch Scarlett. That is going to relieve some stress/anxiety that I know I would have leaving her with someone I didn't know quite so well. Thanks for finally posting some pictures.... BUT I WANT MORE!

  3. Wow, that's quite the awful sickness you guys had, I'm so glad you are better! That's no fun at all! Scarlett is so adorable in that dress, I love it!

  4. Those pictures are so darling! Glad you guys are feeling better! And her sleeping that much already is awesome!