Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sleep is Good.

Confession: I was a TERRIBLE aunt to my dear niece Olivia. Ben, Melissa, I hope you read this someday...

Olivia was born summer of 2006, back when Seth and I were dating. We'd go and visit Ben, Melissa, and their brand new precious newborn Olivia often. And whenever we went over there I of course wanted to hold and play with my new niece. And whenever we went over there of course my new niece was sound asleep. That's what newborns do, right? that's what newborns need, right? Why was I the WORST aunt ever to dear Olivia and how did I drive the new parents Ben and Melissa NUTS!? When I went to their house to visit Olivia and she was sleeping I would be loud and do what I could to wake up Olivia so she'd play with us and be fun. I know, I know... what was I thinking? Ben has been trying to make up for the pain I put them through since Scarlett has been born. I deserve it. Anyway! Scarlett hasn't been around Ben and Melissa (or Olivia) enough for them to really get what I deserve. But the purpose of this confession is that I HAVE learned my lesson, and I truly understand that it is important for newborns and babies to get their sleep. Not because that means they stay up later and their schedule gets off so it causes headache and waking hours for the parents. But because it is important for the baby's health, in many ways. SO! now to why I'm really blogging...

Scarlett hasn't gotten the naps that she has needed the last two days. She was just awake and active with me yesterday. We went and visited Grandma and Grandpa in Pleasant Grove for the afternoon. She got some sleep, but they were just cat naps. And I guess she didn't get any very long naps today while I was at work... but she's fine - I think it has just made her a little fussy. So tonight when we got home she was asleep from the car ride, but she woke up soon after. Then she just would not go back to sleep, but she is and looks just exhausted! And she kept fighting her heavy eye lids. So here she is on the dryer in a bassinet. I read on a friend's blog this works wonders... She slept soundly and luckily I stopped the dryer before it was done drying the load of clothes. Holy cow the dryer's BEEP/HORN is quite opposite of our new washer's sweet song it sings at the end of it's cycle. - watch the video toward the very end of this post to hear it...

Here are a few photos I took of Scarlett Monday morning... I'm trying to take more! and a little video.

What a chunker!! :)Do a little dance...she's in the middle of a yawn... if ya couldn't tell

She is the cutest thing in the world, to me... and to her dad. I absolutely love her. And I LOVE that she knows and responds SO much to our voices. She is a very bright girl. I love her eyes. We're becoming quite the best of friends. Love, love, LOVE her!

Oh yes - and I went back to work today. I'm working Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 to 5. and Saturdays from about 8-noon. (=20 hrs). Scarlett goes to her cousin Preston's house and is cared for by her Aunt Aubrey. I'm SO, so, so grateful Aubrey is okay with watching her. I cannot imagine leaving Scarlett to be watched by a daycare or anyone other than family. We have a great arrangement... We'll get to watch their little Preston once a week so they can have a date night. Seth will watch Scarlett on Saturdays. Today was hard at first. Last night I couldn't sleep because I was dreading today... But it wasn't THAT bad. I tried to dive into work and be busy so I wouldn't think/worry about her. But I loved getting a picture or two and texts from Aubrey throughout the day. I cried after dropping her off and on the way to work this morning - but just a little. I almost cried more on my way to pick her up after work - I was SO, so excited to see her! I'm grateful I didn't get a speeding ticket... and those yellow lights were STILL yellow the whole time I went through the intersection - I promise. She had a great day with the Jarvinen's and tomorrow will be easier to get through while I'm at work. This will make me a better mom. I will cherish my time with her and be more productive. And it will give me a chance to socialize and keep up my adult language skills :). I LOVE being a mom! I'm so blessed, and am so grateful for this blessing.

Also - Scarlett is still spitting up. I've been a little more worried about this lately than usual. But she hasn't exactly been spitting up more than usual... I guess I've just been more worried. After talking to my Grandma and mom, etc. And searching on the internet for information, other's experiences, etc, etc. I am feeling better about it all. I'm almost postive it's not the formula, because 1 - she isn't fussy after she eats, her tummy doesn't hurt. 2- she doesn't project it when she spits up. 3- it doesn't faze her when she spits up. 4- What she spits up isn't digested. 5- She doesn't know when to stop eating - we've taken her down from eating 4 oz to 3 oz and she hasn't seemed to notice, she certainly isn't asking for more. I think she's been eating more than she needs! 6- she hasn't had any physical reactions (like rash or breaking out, etc) or symptoms. 7- she's been supplemented with the same formula since birth, the same that she eats now. so we haven't changed her diet, etc. Conclusion: She just spits up! And that is what babies do! (some definitely more than others) Yay for Laundry!! :) This sounds right, right?Seth's dad, Steve, had been pretty sick all through the month of March. And he actually got TOO sick. He was in the ICU for a few days - Pneumonia. It was scary since he needed oxygen, the antibiotics initially didn't work (actually made things worse!), and his blood pressure was VERY low. (VERY, very low... like 60/52 low!) His pneumonia actually turned into Double pneumonia while he was in the hospital's care. Poor, poor Steve. We sure had a lot, a lot, a lot of prayers and warm thoughts and wishes sent his way to Michigan. Scarlett sure loves her grandpa, these were her warm wishes we sent his way via text. (We are grateful for today's technology!) But our dear grandpa/dad is back at home now, and recovering well. He has antibiotics administered still via IV, but will be done with his last one JUST in time to come visit us next Thursday. NEXT Thursday!! We're So, so excited!! And Grandma will be coming with him. AND Gma and pa Hartley will be coming for little miss Scarlett too!! We are blessing Scarlett on the 25th in sacrament meeting (YOU're invited!!! come!) and they'll be here to help celebrate Seth's December graduation - he's walking next Friday with his college. It will be a very fun weekend. Anyway... This has become a monster post. I need to go get ready for tomorrow - and miss Scarlett needs a bath, bad - her hair is so greasy. You just look at it and it gets greasy, fun fun. Good night friends!

this is her right now, at this moment... Oh how I love her, She melts me!


  1. she is tooo cute. And chubby. I like chubby. Ellia is squealing about how cute she is. She wants to know "When I get baby Scarlett come to me?"

  2. We would love to come Sunday! What time and where? I still have your baby gift for Scarlett to give you too! She is so pretty...