Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's been 10 days...

I got my flu shot yesterday at work... I really don't mind shots at all, needles, blood, etc. I'm thinking this injector guy was not a trained professional though! He stuck me... then syringed it all in me, I felt the injection sight spasm a little and he pulled out the needle.

"ooh, you're a bleeder!" he grabbed me some cotton, stuck a band-aid on me and I was on my way.

It wasn't sore at all, then I woke up in the middle of the night to do a prego pee run and felt like my left shoulder/arm had been hit by 100 fast pitched baseballs. (haha, nice comparison right?). Everytime time I moved my muscles in the arm, even wiggling my fingers would bring on a wave of pain. All day, it's been crazy painful when I move my arm, the pain is primarily in my elbow - and it felt like a string of pain connected my elbow to pinky/ring finger. Anyway... blasted flu shot, must have hit a nerve.

Last weekend went by way to fast! We babysat nephew Preston while his parents went on their first date since his birth in July.... He was incredibly easy to watch over... and we got to go out to eat and he slept through the whole thing. Seth's great at bottle feeding/burping a baby... we need to babysit more to get the practice in.

Saturday I went up to SLC to meet a friend for lunch at Mimi's Cafe (mmmm). Gates , from the mission, is so kind and brought me flowers for my birthday (this Friday). I love that lunch date and not so much the traffic on the way back to Provo. It wasn't as bad as I expected though. Seth and I went with friends to the BYU/Florida state game. . . I don't want to talk about it. We left at the beginning of the 4th quarter... call us poor sports, or poor losers or whatever you'd like - but I did not want to sit there on my Saturday night and be humbled more. BYU did not play well at all that game. FSU definitely deserved that high scored game win based on BYU's performance, sickening.

I hope we do much better against Colorado this Saturday...

The kid is good... I'm trying to drink my water... we find out on October 15th if it's a little guy or girl. It's all really going fairly quickily (the pregnancy) I'm 17 wks in two days... but I feel like I've been 16 weeks for the last 3 weeks. I just need to keep focused on the Football season/beautiful fall, thanksgiving, Christmas... (moving) and then really getting ready for the kid to come! It'll fly by, right? :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wa Hoo!!

So... about the moving situation... Seth talked to the landlady yesterday over lunch. She said we could stay until the end of December! Which is great because Seth graduates in December, and will need to find a new job (he has a student job now). So we have some options. We'll have to stay in Orem/Provo area b/c my job has the benefits that cover the pregnancy.

But we have more time, and aren't rushed into just finding anything that works. Many wonderful friends have offered apartments they know of, we know we'll be taken care of. It'll be crappy to move in the middle of winter, and 7 months prego, but we have time and will have help.

Really glad we get to stay for 3 more months.

Also.... Go BYU! I started a post about BYU Football last week after our big win. Today's game was fantastic to watch, a slow start but it sure did pick up!! We're excited to have season's tickets this year, we haven't since '06. It's our last fall (most likely?) in Provo so we want to take advantage of it all. AND it seems like it will be a great season.

AND. . . . Our labor day weekend was fantastic!! Friday night we were in Payson for Onion Day fireworks with Ben/Melissa's fam. That night Catie and Todd (cousins that just got married in Nauvoo the last weekend of August) were passing through and stayed at our apartment. They actually enjoyed their stay so much they hung out with us all Saturday and stayed Saturday night too! WE loved their company.

Sunday night we went camping at Nunn's in Provo canyon. Seth and I had set up our stuff early and enjoyed 3 hours of peace/quiet . . . reading and visiting with no distractions. preparing/"cooking" tin foil dinners. Ali and Jed joined us later, it was a great time with the Goodell's. We stayed up late playing cards and chatting. We figured we roughed it camping the other two times this summer, So we brought our queen double tall air mattress. It took up our entire tent, but was a lot of fun. . . each time one of us moved the other's sleeping bag would slide to the middle. It was just an adventure. . . we ended up sunk in the middle in the morning. We even slept in until 8:30! It was a great campsite and the shade kept the morning sun from waking us up super early. I hope we go camping again before the end of the year!

Tonight friends james/gates (cari) are staying over. We'll party with them tomorrow- Japanese dinner!!! (Yakisoba, homemade sushi, kare pan). And they're staying until Monday, James flies out Tuesday. We've been having tons of fun! (Makes the pregnancy goes faster this way too!!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm devastated. I thought the landlady that lives upstairs in our house was kidding when she came down to us and told us we need to find a new place to live.

Yeah, she took the house off the market. But has decided she will move out (with her parents) and rent the house to two girls upstairs, and one downstairs. This will make the whole rental situation legal.

I bawled for a good hour. Have been searching over apartment ads for the last two hours. And can't stop thinking about how crappy it is I'll have to pack up this place in the next 4 weeks.

It's hard to find a place that will let us keep Raja. There's no way we'd give her up though.

I won't have my winter by the fireplace after all, that's what makes me cry the most. :(

There's no way we can find an apartment this big, with all utilities paid, with internet/cable included, with washer/dryer, garage spot, for how much we have been paying. No way.

And to now come up with a $500+ deposit!?!? (we didn't have to really pay one on this apartment) What a JOKE!!!!

I just need to sleep on this, it'll be better tomorrow, right? I was hoping this is all just a dream, but the fresh raja bites/scratches from playing with her a second ago tell me I am not dreaming. Wish us luck! And if you know of anything... let us know. We're thinking of going back to Provo, so it'll be easier to sell a contract if/when we move away from Utah next summer. SIGH... AND this is the latest I've kept myself up (besides camping last weekend) in Months!!! Headache... going to sleep.... good night.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Best News Ever!

Tonight we ate dinner at Seth's sister Aubrey, her hubby Davin, and their little guy Preston's place - Yummy Fajitas! We ate brownies/ice cream and played some skipbo. Then headed out and watched Davin's Softball game. Got home just a bit ago and the "For Sale Sign" from the front yard was taken down and the Realtor was there patching up the hole in the ground...

At first my heart dropped and I figured the house sold. Some people who came to look at it tonight must have loved it. . . BUT! The Realtor told us our awesome landlord (who lives upstairs with 2 other girls) decided to hold off on trying to sell it!! WA HOO!!!

We live in the basement of a house that has been on the market since earlier this year. We never really thought it would sell in this economic state - but it was still always a bummer to think it could and we'd have to move suddenly. I am So Happy we won't have to move anytime soon!! This apartment is the sweetest deal and pad we could ever ask for! AND my dream of a cozy winter in front of the fireplace and our Christmas tree up by the fire can come true! SO HAPPY!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ultrasound SPOILED!!!!!

Because of the heterotopic pregnancy last summer, I am considered "high-risk" for ectopic pregnancies. Which is a blessing because we will get to have ultrasounds at the very beginning of my pregnancies to assure it is not another ectopic pregnancy!

At 5 weeks I had an ultrasound, since I was having some cramping. It was the normal cramping you expect during that early week time. . . but it's the same achy feelings I had when it was ectopic. First ultrasound - didn't see anything. The tech said it looks like it was just too early, maybe I wasn't exactly 5 weeks like I thought. We'd try again in a week...

6 weeks. Not only did we see our little bean, we saw it's heartbeat, AND we got to hear it!!!! A strong beat of 155! It was more than we had hoped for! And it looks like we were exactly 6 weeks, like I had thought. :)

6 1/2 weeks. The EAGER study I have been working with since last October offers a free ultrasound at 6 1/2 weeks. We welcomed the opportunity to see the bean again. Though it was 5 days after our 6 week ultrasound the bean measured exactly the same and the study people told us our due date was 4 days different than what my OB said. Also, the heartbeat was considerably lower, 129 bpm. But I tried hard to not let that worry me. I wasn't expecting all this anyway, and though I was excited for such success thus far - I didn't want to get my hopes up.

8 week doc appt - My doctor felt that my uterus was a very good and solid 8 week size, but decided it was necessary to have another ultrasound to make sure we got a solid due date. Because my LMP was the miscarriage, the ovulation peak was 5 wks after the miscarriage, and the two ultrasounds so far had very similar measurements - it was a good idea. At 10 wks along there would be a very good idea/picture to measure the baby and figure a solid due date.

10 wks: It Wiggles!!! It was SO fun to see! Right away we saw the hearbeat going, measured it and found I am actually a day earlier than the OB originally expected! And then... it wiggled! We laughed, I tried holding my breath waiting for it to wiggle again.... it was so neat. Wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle!

13 1/2 weeks! Good Bye First Trimester! Seth and I have been open about the pregnancy if the topic comes up with friends/family. But as for officially announcing anything, we were definitely waiting until we were in the clear after the 1st trimester. With my new job, one of the clinics we do billing for is a vein center that offers free ultrasounds anytime for pregnant employees, SCORE. Because Seth and I were going out of town last weekend (for cousin Todd's wedding in Nauvoo) and the first trimester was up, we decided to get one just before leaving town. The tech was very nice, and it was just AMAZING to see how much our baby has grown in just 3 weeks. We could see individual fingers, toes, and it was sure moving! We were even able to take some videos of it moving. We spent a lot of time peeking in on the miracle occuring in my body. And left with many photos of our little one.
We were the road to Nauvoo within an hour of the ultrasound. I was pondering how amazing it is that we can see the baby with today's technology and the comfort it has been. I am beginning to allow myself to get attached to this very real thing happening. I told Seth "I think I'm going to get Emotio..." and I couldn't finish the word before I was sobbing, absolutely bawling. Hilarious, but it's embarassing too! Oooohhhh, the wonderful hormones during pregnancy. The other week we went and saw Start Trek in the dollar theater. We saw it when it first came out, I totally knew how the beginning goes and how terribly sad it is. But that didn't stop me from literally convulsing in sobs as I watched Captain George T Kirk say good-bye to his wife and sacrifice himself to Nero. I was out of control!!! I soaked seth' s shoulder and buried my face so the stranger lady next to me wouldn't notice and Seth says "Megan! Do I need to take you out right now?!" Ahh..... love it. Love Being Pregnant! We are very blessed!

A Pleasant Surprise!

I miscarried the beginning of May. It was our 2nd time going through an unsuccessful pregnancy, and having a baby had really been my main focus in life for a good year... It was time for me to change that focus! I stopped the vitamins, stopped following the calendar, and just enjoyed my summer. My study with the hospital still needed me to pee on a stick for the fertility monitor every morning - and even though I had just one more month to go until the end of the study, I'd only pee on the stick maybe a few times a week.

I met with my study doc the end of June and she looked over the monitor's hormone levels... she said there was a peak and I most likely ovulated. No Way. I didn't ovulate for 6 months after the heterotopic pregnancy last summer! No way did I ovulate right after this miscarriage... I waited two days so it'd be exactly 2 weeks after that peak. I saw the pregnancy test begin to go positive and took it to Seth, we watched it go really positive together. Crazy. Unbelievable.

My life has honestly done a full 180 degree turn since this pregnancy!!! A few days before we found out, I interviewed for my new job, and was offered a position. I was so ready for a change of pace in the work scene, and I left a job with the most amazing benefits ever. It was a hard decision - But! I am grateful for my new job, new apartment in Orem (moved in beginning of June) new ward/calling, etc - This is the happiest I have been in a very long time!

Thank you for your love, prayers, and especially support through our challenges! We have been so blessed with wonderful friends and family who continue to cheer us on! Thank you, Thank you!!! We Love You All!