Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm devastated. I thought the landlady that lives upstairs in our house was kidding when she came down to us and told us we need to find a new place to live.

Yeah, she took the house off the market. But has decided she will move out (with her parents) and rent the house to two girls upstairs, and one downstairs. This will make the whole rental situation legal.

I bawled for a good hour. Have been searching over apartment ads for the last two hours. And can't stop thinking about how crappy it is I'll have to pack up this place in the next 4 weeks.

It's hard to find a place that will let us keep Raja. There's no way we'd give her up though.

I won't have my winter by the fireplace after all, that's what makes me cry the most. :(

There's no way we can find an apartment this big, with all utilities paid, with internet/cable included, with washer/dryer, garage spot, for how much we have been paying. No way.

And to now come up with a $500+ deposit!?!? (we didn't have to really pay one on this apartment) What a JOKE!!!!

I just need to sleep on this, it'll be better tomorrow, right? I was hoping this is all just a dream, but the fresh raja bites/scratches from playing with her a second ago tell me I am not dreaming. Wish us luck! And if you know of anything... let us know. We're thinking of going back to Provo, so it'll be easier to sell a contract if/when we move away from Utah next summer. SIGH... AND this is the latest I've kept myself up (besides camping last weekend) in Months!!! Headache... going to sleep.... good night.


  1. i'm really really sorry. wish i could come help you pack up. wish i could give you $500.

  2. That bites. I think there's a place at our little four-plex still. I mean, you aren't 'supposed' to have pets, but I don't think they really care. There is a shared washer/dryer, but it's not coin-op......That sucks bad. Sorry to hear that....

  3. Come back to Wymount!! :) Sorry about the move though, I know you were so excited about your new place.

  4. That's SO crappy! I'm really sorry. I'll keep my eyes open!

  5. Oh man, that is so crazy!! I am so sorry and I hope that you find a place quickly!