Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise!

I miscarried the beginning of May. It was our 2nd time going through an unsuccessful pregnancy, and having a baby had really been my main focus in life for a good year... It was time for me to change that focus! I stopped the vitamins, stopped following the calendar, and just enjoyed my summer. My study with the hospital still needed me to pee on a stick for the fertility monitor every morning - and even though I had just one more month to go until the end of the study, I'd only pee on the stick maybe a few times a week.

I met with my study doc the end of June and she looked over the monitor's hormone levels... she said there was a peak and I most likely ovulated. No Way. I didn't ovulate for 6 months after the heterotopic pregnancy last summer! No way did I ovulate right after this miscarriage... I waited two days so it'd be exactly 2 weeks after that peak. I saw the pregnancy test begin to go positive and took it to Seth, we watched it go really positive together. Crazy. Unbelievable.

My life has honestly done a full 180 degree turn since this pregnancy!!! A few days before we found out, I interviewed for my new job, and was offered a position. I was so ready for a change of pace in the work scene, and I left a job with the most amazing benefits ever. It was a hard decision - But! I am grateful for my new job, new apartment in Orem (moved in beginning of June) new ward/calling, etc - This is the happiest I have been in a very long time!

Thank you for your love, prayers, and especially support through our challenges! We have been so blessed with wonderful friends and family who continue to cheer us on! Thank you, Thank you!!! We Love You All!

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