Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wa Hoo!!

So... about the moving situation... Seth talked to the landlady yesterday over lunch. She said we could stay until the end of December! Which is great because Seth graduates in December, and will need to find a new job (he has a student job now). So we have some options. We'll have to stay in Orem/Provo area b/c my job has the benefits that cover the pregnancy.

But we have more time, and aren't rushed into just finding anything that works. Many wonderful friends have offered apartments they know of, we know we'll be taken care of. It'll be crappy to move in the middle of winter, and 7 months prego, but we have time and will have help.

Really glad we get to stay for 3 more months.

Also.... Go BYU! I started a post about BYU Football last week after our big win. Today's game was fantastic to watch, a slow start but it sure did pick up!! We're excited to have season's tickets this year, we haven't since '06. It's our last fall (most likely?) in Provo so we want to take advantage of it all. AND it seems like it will be a great season.

AND. . . . Our labor day weekend was fantastic!! Friday night we were in Payson for Onion Day fireworks with Ben/Melissa's fam. That night Catie and Todd (cousins that just got married in Nauvoo the last weekend of August) were passing through and stayed at our apartment. They actually enjoyed their stay so much they hung out with us all Saturday and stayed Saturday night too! WE loved their company.

Sunday night we went camping at Nunn's in Provo canyon. Seth and I had set up our stuff early and enjoyed 3 hours of peace/quiet . . . reading and visiting with no distractions. preparing/"cooking" tin foil dinners. Ali and Jed joined us later, it was a great time with the Goodell's. We stayed up late playing cards and chatting. We figured we roughed it camping the other two times this summer, So we brought our queen double tall air mattress. It took up our entire tent, but was a lot of fun. . . each time one of us moved the other's sleeping bag would slide to the middle. It was just an adventure. . . we ended up sunk in the middle in the morning. We even slept in until 8:30! It was a great campsite and the shade kept the morning sun from waking us up super early. I hope we go camping again before the end of the year!

Tonight friends james/gates (cari) are staying over. We'll party with them tomorrow- Japanese dinner!!! (Yakisoba, homemade sushi, kare pan). And they're staying until Monday, James flies out Tuesday. We've been having tons of fun! (Makes the pregnancy goes faster this way too!!)

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  1. Oh, I read the other post before this one! I am so glad they'll let you stay until December!! Tender mercies.