Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Best News Ever!

Tonight we ate dinner at Seth's sister Aubrey, her hubby Davin, and their little guy Preston's place - Yummy Fajitas! We ate brownies/ice cream and played some skipbo. Then headed out and watched Davin's Softball game. Got home just a bit ago and the "For Sale Sign" from the front yard was taken down and the Realtor was there patching up the hole in the ground...

At first my heart dropped and I figured the house sold. Some people who came to look at it tonight must have loved it. . . BUT! The Realtor told us our awesome landlord (who lives upstairs with 2 other girls) decided to hold off on trying to sell it!! WA HOO!!!

We live in the basement of a house that has been on the market since earlier this year. We never really thought it would sell in this economic state - but it was still always a bummer to think it could and we'd have to move suddenly. I am So Happy we won't have to move anytime soon!! This apartment is the sweetest deal and pad we could ever ask for! AND my dream of a cozy winter in front of the fireplace and our Christmas tree up by the fire can come true! SO HAPPY!


  1. That is so awesome! I love fireplaces! If we move somewhere cold I am totally looking for a fireplace (after a dishwasher and washer/dryer of course)!

  2. That's awesome about the house. I'm jealous. I wish we lived somewhere nice! haha. I've been feeling so sick most of the's ridiculous. I was fine until week 12, then suddenly I can't eat ANYTHING because I just feel so sick. I'm hoping it'll go away soon. Got to hear the heartbeat today!!