Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Tragedy

Some of you may have heard in the news, about the tragic accident that claimed John Jone's life in the nutty putty cave here in Utah last week. Seth and I were lucky enough to know John and more so his wife Emily. Emily lived just below me in our Singles ward just before we got married. We got married a few months after John and Emily did. Emily actually had her mission call to New Zealand when John proposed and chose to become his beautiful wife. Such an amazing couple, with the most contagious smiles and so in love.

My thoughts continuously are turned to Emily and the many variety of emotions she must be feeling at this time. John and Emily have a 14 month old girl Lizzie, and were announcing to their family over Thanksgiving that they're expecting their second child next June. I can't bare imagining what life would be like without Seth in my life. And as I am expecting our child how difficult it would be for him to not be with me to share this pregnancy and especially life with our child. I am so sad for Emily, and what she must be going through at this time with Lizzie and preparing for life without John physical there each day. It's heartbreaking to think of what his parents and siblings must be feeling as well. Here is their family's statement. I hope faith continues to prevail and their pain will be overcome with love and support from Heaven. That they will be constantly comforted and find peace through their faith and the blessings of temple covenants. This is Emily's blog and a post from a friend of hers who was able to attend the sweet funeral for John last Saturday. Emily's amazing faith and strength is so touching and powerful.

Stephanie over at a daily scoop is hosting an auction all this week to raise money to donate to the John and Emily Jones memorial fund.Head on over to check out the first auction and keep checking back this week to see lots more. If you don't see anything you would like to bid on and you would like to contribute to the fund, click here. You can also email Stephanie at stephaniewaite@gmail.com if you would like to contribute something to be auctioned. Hopefully we can raise a good amount of money for Emily and her little ones. what better gift can we give this Christmas season?

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