Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hiccups and Glucose...

Baby update... she is getting big, I can just feel it. She kicks me a lot now but it's not uncomfortable at all - I love to feel her! I read a few nights ago about hiccups and was talking to a prego co-worker who is due in 7 weeks. . . she explained what to feel for if the baby has hiccups. And I was pretty sure I had felt what she was explaining before. Anyway... Last night Baby Girl totally had the hiccups! At first I wasn't sure, but I became positive that's what was going on. Then it just started to make me laugh... Those close to me know how much I cannot stand the hiccups!! But sometimes they just make me laugh when I have them - laugh uncontrollably. Yea... I did feel bad for her, but she gave me a good laugh too.

I had an appointment yesterday, it was the big 1 hour glucose test. Even though I took a 12 hr fasting glucose test this summer (when they were sifting out possible reasons for reoccuring miscarriages) and it came out very normal I was nervous about having gestational diabetes during pregnancy b/c family members have had it. I was nervous yesterday, but felt good all the same after I had drank the nasty flat orange-pop-like drink. Today at work I checked my lab results and Wah la! my number was 83! (If it's over 140 they sign you up for the fasting glucose test) I was very happy!! Very... happy.

Also, friend Lara edited Baby Girl's profile pic for me... now I'm just trying to decide which one should belong on our Christmas card, which one do you think? The last one makes me laugh...


  1. The last one makes me laugh too :)
    I don't think that it really matters which one you choose becaus they are all darling.

  2. I like "Santa Baby" or the last one!

  3. I love the "Santa Baby" one! That is such a cute idea!

  4. Cute ideas. I like Santa Baby the best though.