Monday, December 7, 2009

"Salt Lake City Weekend" & The Blind Side

The days go so fast in December! Especially this one...

Friday night we went on a double date with old friend Ashley and her boy Ian. They introduced us to a new eating joint, "Moochies". Incredible philly cheese steaks, incredible. The place is kind of a dump, but the story is the family who owns it used the building as an art studio with a sandwich joint in the back. But when the sandwich joint became most popular they made the studio into a little restaurant. I've craved Moochies for dinner every night since... we must go back soon. Then we went to Savior of The World. It was good... honestly not as amazing as I remember it being... but it warmed my heart and brought in the Christmas spirit/ me closer to Christ so it was well worth it. We had amazing seats too, which was sweet. We grabbed dessert afterward at another local SLC joint, the Big H?? Not sure the official name of the place, but it was a very fun evening with great company, food, and entertainment.

Saturday I slept in until 11:00!!! It was just awesome. I wish I could do that everyday, really. Seth made me waffles for breakfast and we did a little bit of packing. Got Christmas shopping almost done and I wrapped presents all special to put under the Christmas tree. We visited Aub/Dav/P-dawg for a while... I got to play with Preston while Seth fixed their printer, or at least tried to fix it. Preston is a baldy full of smiles, FULL of smiles. It will be fun to have the little one around at Christmas time in Michigan this year. We were suppose to go to our ward Christmas dinner, but missed it. We headed up to dear friend Heidi Kuhn Wideman's wedding reception. Which was kind of out in the middle of no where, plus fresh snow... it was an adventure. I'm so glad Seth is awesome when it comes to driving. He's a little on the speedy/aggressive side, which I don't like, but grateful he is good at it?

Sunday was a great Sabbath day. We went to Salt Lake yet again, this time for the Christmas Devotional at the Conference center. We had pretty good seats... we went with the Cho brother's and their girls. I loved the devotional. It was so awesome to be there with the first presidency and hear their stories. The center was decorated very beautifully and the music, of course, was very touching/uplifting. I loved the time to just sit close to Seth and hold his hand. Cheesy, but very true. Afterward Seth and I visited the Norvelle family in Bountiful. They treated us to a second Thanksgiving Dinner and a solid hour of Mad Gab. It's been a while since we've played Mad Gab - SO much fun, good laughs. And then drove home in the snow... It took a little longer, but I didn't mind that extra driving time in the car with Seth.

We really should be packing up our apartment more... since we are moving in 4 days - yikes! Tonight I worked late until Seth was done with class just so he could come by to scrape my windows off so I could get safely home. . . we need to find our other scraper. We got home just in time to decide to go to a movie for FHE. I finally used up the free movie tickets I got for dressing up as a jack-o-lantern for Halloween at work. We saw The Blind Side, with Sandra Bullock. Amazing. Such a great movie!! I held back the sad and happy tears, I want to go see it again, we may even buy it. We definitely recommend it. Baby Girl woke up and was quite active for most of the second half... She kicked me the hardest when Seth was holding his hand on my belly to feel, take that dad! :) I love her.

It's a busy week... busy weekend... Last week of classes for Seth - and then he's got a few finals before finishing his undergraduate work!! WOO HOO! So proud of him... hopefully he can find a job (anything) b/c he will be losing his student job next week. It's scary, but I know we'll be taken care of. And that... was our weekend/FHE.


  1. Heidi got married?! Awesome! You never mentioned that.
    So your not sure if your grateful that Seth is a good driver? Or if he is a good driver? I can totally hear you explaining that.
    E was surprisingly good for the Christmas Devotional. She was anxious for more songs, always leading them with a pretzel for a baton.
    It will be fun to have a baby around for the holidays, quite the perfect age too, super happy/smiley, and not yet very mobile. We haven't decorated yet here. Can't decide if we want to deal with E attempting to destroy a tree every second of the day. Even if we just put up the teeny one again...

  2. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. It is nice to read about what is happening in Utah. Have you started your Burke family Christmas letter??? or are you letting Seth do it? Whichever...I am looking forward to reading it.

  3. Hey we went to savior of the world the same night you did i think! Yeah it wasnt that great....the Jesus character was kinda creepy...