Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I love when General Conference weekend falls on Easter. In between sessions we went to an Easter Egg hunt at the Norris'! Scarlett was VERY into hunting for eggs this year. She wanted a challenge!

While dad was watching Priesthood Session of General Conference, Scarlett and I dyed eggs. Lincoln didn't want to have anything to do with it. He was focused on his trucks, but came around when we were about done.
We actually took a photo of every color egg. She wanted to make sure we got plenty of photos of the pretty colors that were created!
Easter morning the kids woke up and found that the Easter Bunny had stopped by!

Easter Bunny hid 5 purple eggs and 5 blue eggs around the living room. Scarlett still wasn't satisfied with the challenge though.

We spent most of Easter in Pleasant Grove with GG Unsicker's. GGma and pa set up a very awesome Easter Egg hunt, and Scarlett & Lincoln were the only littles there to enjoy it. After the eggs were found though Scarlett insisted someone still re-hide a dozen for her. 4 Easter Egg hunts for that girl - and she was finally satisfied.

Great form Lincoln - he took it so seriously too!
The kids enjoyed the commercial side of the holiday. But we also really enjoyed teaching them about why we celebrate Easter and how grateful we are to know Jesus lives! He was resurrected and fulfilled the ultimate sacrifice so we can return to our Heavenly Father. Scarlett said she already knew it all - she learned it in Primary. (So she doesn't need to be told again) 

The week before Easter Sunday the choir had their Easter Program in church. I had the opportunity to play my Oboe. I'm grateful for those opportunities - even though they make me very nervous and I feel so inadequate. "Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer" is a beautiful piece! The choir sounded amazing, I hope I didn't ruin it!? But during the program was one of the best times I had played it, so that was a plus. And at 34 weeks pregnant, I was just hoping I wouldn't pass out. 
But there was also a Woman's number, that I joined in with the choir and sang. It was called "Come to Jesus" and I love the line that was repeated - "Come to Jesus, when you're ready....". It takes off the pressure and the emphasis is He will be reaching when you are ready to reach back. It shouldn't' be something forced, but is a beautiful moment when one is ready to let Jesus back in their life and be humble to submit their will to the happy plan Jesus has to offer everyone. 

In March, the Young Women lessons were focused on the Atonement. I was so lucky to get to teach the month of March! I learned so much, especially about Grace. It had a great impact on me! March's teaching, reading The Book of Mormon again in the last 90 days, General Conference & Easter - all while relying on the Spirit for comfort throughout my great insecurities and anxiety this pregnancy - has been a great faith building period of time for me. I feel that I'm just babbling now - but I'm so grateful for what the Spirit has taught me these last few months!

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