Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baby Prep

 My 3rd Trimester has gone pretty smooth! I'm ultimately so grateful my Blood Pressure has been so awesome and baby looks healthy as ever. He is a pretty active one, more like Scarlett was. Lincoln didn't move so "forcefully" as she did - or how this guy does.

 Early February I decided I was going to read the whole Book of Mormon before baby comes. So I found a "100 day schedule" and stuck with it. I got ahead of schedule and actually finished reading it last night. This picture, with my tums, is how most of my evenings have ended the last few months. I have such bad heart burn! On top of my daily antacid pill I'm popping a few of these Tums refreshers at night. Seth laughs every time I start burping - which is generally every night before I fall asleep. Tums are truly miracle pills though! I'm so grateful they are so effective and I don't have pain!! I'm sure my next trip to the dentist will not be good news though. The joys of pregnancy!

 He so does not want this photo in a public place, but it's adorable! I was painting my toes - and did a decent job for the most part, but half way through realized how ridiculous it was getting and he finished the job for me. What a kind husband!
 35 week photo
 I totally splurged and bought this beautiful diaper bag! I LOVE IT!! I cannot wait to use it. It's so stupid how expensive they are, but I used cash from Christmas/good-bye gift from work and have zero buyer's remorse. It has a built in crumb hole! Insulated bottle pockets! You can machine wash it! and I think it is the perfect size. Totally love it.
 This has been one of my views twice a week for the last 6 weeks. I have had lots of Fetal Non- Stress tests to monitor baby's movements in the office. It has been a good thing. and I've been taking the kids with me - they just chill and watch a movie while I watch baby's heart rate and feel him move. One week we had a hard time pinning him down, well that was a lot of times, but one time in particular he was a real stinker. And it seemed that his heart rate would decelerate when he was moving. So I went to Timp hospital, Labor and Delivery for monitoring. Of course  (once we found where to put the monitor on him) he looked great and the test went fast then. But it stressed me out a bit! They watch him for 20-30 minutes or until he has at least 6 moments when his heart rate is 15 beats above his heartrate baseline for a 15 second stretch.
 At 36 ish weeks I got motivated to make freezer meals! 3 doz breakfast burritos, 7 crockpot meals, pizzas (which are almost gone now), and 4 doz cookie dough balls. It is SO nice to have that done! And the most ready I have been in terms of a stocked freezer of go-to dinners/food.
 A few weeks ago this guy was breach. Actually, the day I had my NST and was sent to the hospital because we couldn't get him on the monitor - he was probably breach and the nurse didn't look with an ultrasound machine to make sure he was head down. When I came back a week later - he was head down again. I have no idea when he moved back and forth! I'm terrible at knowing what's what. Some women are so good at just knowing! But - in my defense - I wanted to show this photo from my 33week growth ultrasound. His head and feet are literally in the same spot!! He seems so scrunched, but I know he has enough room in there to not put that upon himself.
This was a breakfast photo - It's called "Haven't felt baby much since yesterday morning so lets get him going today!" yum.

The doctor group I was with since trying to get prego to Lincoln - was a Provo group. But this time I moved to the same "company" but a different group of doctors - the American Fork group. Reason being - Seth works in Lehi so he'd be closer if needed for appointments, etc. The last few weeks he has been able to come to the office for my NSTs/appts when they check me so the kids don't have to be in the room with me. The kids LOVE it! and I really, really LOVE it! :) I'm grateful he comes and appreciate that he is  "involved" in this way.
Another project that has kept me busy - Big brother, big sister gifts from baby brother. I saw these on Pinterest. I freezer paper stencil - painted the wording on the totes.
Can't wait for Scarlett to see the new water paints/markers with a sketch pad! she's so into making her own lists/pictures these days. and of course bubble gum for her bubble blowing entertainment.
I can't wait for Lincoln to put his "blue guy" cape on!!! With his blue shirt. Everything in his world is better if it's blue.
I saw these on Pinterest too. It was tricky since the Etsy shop seemed to be no more, I couldn't just order them. But I still enjoyed using my evenings to work on cutting out these iron-on fabric pieces with an Xacto knife.

Rag quilt for baby boy - I have made one for each one now. I love the colors and patterns on this one, it is a bit "busy" though. Did you notice my bump shot in the 2nd photo? Haha - I was leaning as far back over a table in that room as I could - to get the blanket in there. That is my 37 week "bump".
Laundry all washed/folded ready to fit in dresser drawers.

I had a "pamper" week two weeks ago. 37 weeks along. Scarlett came with me to get a pedicure! It was such a great mother/daughter date! She loved it, but got bored waiting since one guy did hers first and then mine. I love the flower they put on her big toes! Pamper week really rocked though - pedicure, then a last massage before baby comes, and a hair cut/color the next day. I've been pulling the prego card more this time than the others, for sure!

And then this last one.... 38 weeks pregnant.
Tomorrow I am 39 weeks pregnant. I am ready to meet this little guy! I can't wait to see him. I'm a bit anxious about getting him here, but just trying to keep busy and let time pass.  I don't remember being so worried with the others. Two more days. We can do this!

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