Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

dWell. In the last week I have had a variety of deep subjects on my mind. With the recent tornado disasters, still processing/pondering how we might help Japan more, pondering what we will do in case of an emergency, and how to best improve our food storage situation. . . It has been a fun day to read the news, look at pictures and watch ABC's special 20/20 on the Royal Wedding. (whew! What a run-on sentence!)

Before today, I didn't have too much interest in the details of the Royal Wedding. But I was curious what the dress would look like, and what the cake would like.

I was not disappointed!! I loved the dress! It was so unique, loved the lace long sleeves, and how the veil laid on her head. You could still see her beautiful face too. Did you know the tiara was borrowed from the queen? The cake, amazing. They had practiced for months... for the right look and taste. There is so much detail!
But as I have seen the coverage I keep think, "It is amazing there is something so formal and full of traditions in this day in age." It was very neat to watch, it really is a fairy tale.

Hats. Hats. Hats. Some were beautiful that made me think it would be fun if hats were a part of our culture or traditions. And then there were some... that... well, made me grateful hats are not a part of our culture.

What a crowd!! Absolutely unbelievable. I'm not sure if I would have attended if we lived there, but probably... what a historic event. I heard the country got Friday and Monday off for the event. Also, they had a few paid holidays on the calendar already... so if one played their cards right they could get an 11-day stretch of vacation only using 3 days of PTO! Now that would be nice.

The Beckhams... At first when I saw this photo I thought it was neat David Beckham was wearing a medal. But on 20/20 an interviewee said it was quite tacky he wore the medal - he even wore it on the wrong side. It was not an appropriate occasion for such accessories. Hmm...

The kiss. So Perfect. I love that William gave into the crowd and asked Catherine for another kiss!
They are such a perfect couple. Seth and I were discussing how they seem so happy, in love, and "real". Kate is perfect for the new role she just married in to. It almost makes me giddy how real this fairy tale seems to be.
So... yea. I just felt like I should post on this eventful day about such a happy event!

Look at that face!

Oh, and the car... Barbara Walters only described it as a "convertible". That made Seth upset, it is an original Aston Martin!! C'mon people...

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