Friday, November 5, 2010

This may just be plain mean

I should just wait until tomorrow morning when I can get a good picture with an actual camera. But little miss got her ears pierced tonight.

It's probably mean I'm posting the video of her going through pain? But she did pretty well actually... just like her shots at the doctors, she cried at first and once we were holding her she was okay. Anyway... the lady who pierced them said she did great!

At first when we were talking about doing this months ago, Seth said he didn't want to be there. But of course he came, and he was the cutest dad ever. One of us was suppose to hold her, and he quickly said "I'll hold her." And after they were pierced the lady was showing us how to clean her ears... and she asked if I wanted to just do it, to make sure I was doing it right but Seth volunteered and said "no, I'll do it"... He later said he was expecting it to bleed, or be worse. He kept checking on Scarlett and talking to her about it, etc. He is just such a sweet daddy to his little girl. Anyway. The lady did a great job! They're positioned great and it was fast.

Scarlett did pretty good! And they are good and pretty!!

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  1. thats soo sad!!! ahah I cant do it!! I want to tho!! I dont think aaron would let me do it!