Friday, March 11, 2016

Scarlett turns 6! photo overload

First, I must say. Scarlett LOVED the age of 5. I just think about all the times she asked me "Mom, what did you do when you were 5 like me?" She does find a lot of happiness in day to day things. I am grateful for her sweet personality. This is a youTube video of her birthday interview. This was the first time I've done this and I want to make it a new tradition for these kiddos!

 Seth took Scarlett to breakfast before he left for work. ("Old Mcdonald's" pancakes)
 I love this girl in the mornings. Not that she is a morning person, but she is almost always pleasant, happy, and excitedly refreshed for a new day.
 Scarlett opened two presents while dad was there - a lego set and Toms shoes (Which are too big for her. hopefully perfect for school this fall. score!)
 Sterling in "his pose". 

We spent the next few hours putting togeher her new lego set (a parrot, fly, and frog) I was really impressed with how well she could follow the instructions! She built faster than I could ever make sense of it. She is a bright girl!

For a school treat (must be store bought, and there's no complaining about that here!) we got 
Krispie Kreme chocolate sprinkle donuts for her class. Yum! 

Her carpool friends sang Happy Birthday in Spanish just before heading into school. SO CUTE! I'm happy I have this captured moment!

I picked her up after school blaring her favorite song, "Bittersweet sympony" by the Verve. Random, right? She has loved it ever since she heard it on a playlist of mine and calls it "the violin song".

Seth came home a little early, we had a 10 minute window before we were to leave for cousin Olivia's dance recital! And since Seth was going to be gone until later that evening for a church activity with the youth - we opened presents quick! 
She got a new "workbook" and phonics "My little pony" book. 
A blacklight with glow in the dark stars for her room! 
Another lego set from Grandma and Grandpa Burke.
A girl's "safe" with a combination lock from Grandma and Grandpa Hartley.
AND! Some Roller Skates!! (The first thing she does when she gets home from anything is put those skates on!)

 On Saturday we had a friend's birthday party at Bobby Lawrence Karate Studio. It was a blast! I definitely would do it again, and recommend it to friends.

They play some dodge ball, tag, "dragon/ninja/monkey", and jump over the river.

I took lots of pictures! - I'm good at that.

The instructor, Jeff, was great at keeping everyone's attention. I especially loved when he'd talk about how we need to keep our rooms clean, and show respect to our parents. I mean, what parent wouldn't love that? 

 Jeff had Scarlett guess how high she could kick. She reached as high as she could :) She is a confident one. Jeff lowered a little though and talked about setting goals. If we don't accomplish a goal, we need to try and try again. 
Scarlett was so impressed with herself "I didn't know I could kick higher than my head!"

 Cake time! She got shy when everyone was singing to her.

 AND! She even got to cut her cake with a SAMURAI SWORD!! Really though, it couldn't have gotten better than that.

 But it did get even better. Scarlett got to break her first board! She was so surprised at first, and everyone cheered. She got a little shy again, but you could tell she was just so proud of herself.

 It was such a fun, low stress birthday party. I love throwing my kids birthday parties. They have been so fun, and this year's friend party will be tough to beat!

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