Saturday, March 12, 2016

April 13, 2015 post of pictures catch up

Aunt Kara rocks at face painting!

Scarlett's 4th birthday awesome present - a booster seat! She was so excited.

Working on legos together.

While shopping for baby boy stuff, Scarlett was mastering her blowing bubbles talent!

Scarlett's soccer games got more fun once she found her place defending the goal.
Play date with Abby

Linc found a pocket for "his sword" - a tent stake.

Loving Raja, these two are so cute together.

One of the last outings as a family of 4 with our friends, the Haldeman's. Audrey and Lincoln together is pretty darling!

Scarlett endorsing her first personal check before cashing it at the bank.

Leaving on a date one night, Uncle Garrett was taking the kids to the park! What an uncle!!

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