Monday, May 26, 2014

Aquarium and Backyard fun

We are grateful the nice weather seems to be more permanent lately, like it's finally safe to say winter/spring is gone and summer is here to stay. We found a good deal on a fun little power wheels and Lincoln has been trying to get the hang of it. He did have quite an ordeal running into our big "bench swing", but no blood yet. Just bruises.

 I absolutely LOVE, love, love this photo of Lincoln.

Monday, after the graduation weekend, we took our first trip to the aquarium before we had to take Grandma and Grandpa Burke to the airport. The kids had fun, there were some neat exhibits. I was surprised how many spots are open/exhibits with no animals yet. There were plenty enough that I don't think it's fair they are charging full price admission. But, that's alright. At least Adobe provided the free tickets for us this time.

Seth's Graduation Ceremony

I have a lot of fun posts I need to write for this month of May! Lots of fun happenings going on.

Seth has been working on his Masters for 4 years now. He took a break in 2012 to do some traveling, and it has taken a bit to recover from that! But he did it!! The last year he has been working on getting his 1,000 hours of counseling in to finish up his internship. He has 45 1/2 hours left. :) Yes, I am counting down.

But he did walk across the stage, he wore his hood, and we took the photos already. I'm really, really proud of this man of mine! And I'm so proud he finished, he stuck it out. There were a few times along the road, and even toward the end, when he was seriously ready to throw in the towel. Maybe he even did throw in the towel, but I made him go back and pick it up. :)

Waiting for the ceremony to start. Boy am I SO Glad Sandi and Steve flew in to see it and be with the kids and I!! 

 It was hard to find him in the crowd

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

The kids brought me cinnamon rolls in bed and I got to sleep in. Which created a mad rush to get ready for church.

In Sacrament Meeting Scarlett sang to me! I've been excited to have a child up on the stand, singing with the Primary for years. Today was really neat for me! I wish I had snapped a photo. She was so excited to go up there too, and did a great job. She was so proud when she came back to sit with us. It was favorite moment of the day!

I really enjoyed teaching today too. My newest calling is Miamaid Advisor. I love it! It's getting easier. So far I've really enjoyed teaching with the new outlines "Come Follow Me". Well, it's new to me at least. Today we talked about Patriarchal Blessings. There were a lot of good comments and discussion, which always helps make a class great. The Miamaid class is full of really, really sweet and great girls. I was really pleased with how it all went and the questions they asked.

After Linc's nap we headed out to Ben & Mel's for dinner. The kids had fun playing together, and Lincoln especially loved the trampoline. We skyped Iowa City for a little bit, but it was kind of crazy. The kids really got entertaining.

Tagg and Lincoln are 8 months apart, both small for their age, but surprisingly almost the same size.

I didn't take a photo of the kids with me. I really wanted to do that today. But we will have lots of photo ops in the near future.