Monday, May 26, 2014

Seth's Graduation Ceremony

I have a lot of fun posts I need to write for this month of May! Lots of fun happenings going on.

Seth has been working on his Masters for 4 years now. He took a break in 2012 to do some traveling, and it has taken a bit to recover from that! But he did it!! The last year he has been working on getting his 1,000 hours of counseling in to finish up his internship. He has 45 1/2 hours left. :) Yes, I am counting down.

But he did walk across the stage, he wore his hood, and we took the photos already. I'm really, really proud of this man of mine! And I'm so proud he finished, he stuck it out. There were a few times along the road, and even toward the end, when he was seriously ready to throw in the towel. Maybe he even did throw in the towel, but I made him go back and pick it up. :)

Waiting for the ceremony to start. Boy am I SO Glad Sandi and Steve flew in to see it and be with the kids and I!! 

 It was hard to find him in the crowd

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