Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Party & RSL Soccer Game!

 Our realtor hosts a really fun Halloween Carnival at her house each year. This was our second chance to come, and we had such a great time!

 Scarlett really had fun with her vampire teeth.

 Lincoln's favorite part was Spider Man!!! He made an appearance, and Lincoln was star struck! Spiderman was so fun for the kids. He had them do a "Spiderman work out" It was fun seeing Lincoln attempt push up for the first time ever :) He was totally into all of it with all the other kids. I love how Lincoln would just stare at Spiderman each time they got close.
 The "animal lady" came again this year! She is also very entertaining and the kids learned about snakes, a pig, this red fox, a hedgehog, tortoise and Hare, and parrot. Lincoln was super hyper during the show, I think he enjoyed the red cream soda a lot at the yummy dinner that was served. It was a fun time!!

After the party we went to the Real Salt Lake game. We got a good deal for tickets with Scarlett's soccer program. We were worried about how late of a night it would be, but they did pretty great! Scarlett loved cheering with Seth and Lincoln was playing with me as a "monster" most of the time. I'm grateful we had empty seats next to us so Lincoln could move around more.  

RSL did win, 2-0. Lincoln and I happened to miss both goals while changing a diaper. Perhaps it was the fastest 2 goals in professional soccer history? We had a really fun day as a family!


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