Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Backtrack to Girl's Camp 2014

I got to go to Girl's Camp this year! I haven't been since I was a Young Woman, last camp year was 2000. When I first was called into the YW program I knew I would want to go to Girl's Camp, and promised myself I wouldn't let excuses in the way. I went up to camp for the last half of camp, and hope to go the whole time next year!

We had 9 girls at camp, which was a very small group for our ward. Provo and Orem stakes go to a camp called "Mia Shalom", it's an hour and a half away by Fairview.
When I arrived on Thursday afternoon I was so happy the girl's were excited to see me! They bombarded me with catching me up on all the camp inside jokes and events. I felt so welcomed and loved. Our girls are so good like that. They all get along so well.
 I got there in time to set up my sleeping spot and then dive right into a service project. I brought up supplies to make bookmarks and magnets to send to members from our ward out in the mission field, serving full time missions. (for missionaries or to give to their investigators, etc).

 Jedi braids were a big hit! Emma was nice enough to put one in my hair for me, and I love the colors I chose :)

 "Pot Guts" All Over The Place!! I didn't know what they were! As soon as I was driving up the gravel road into camp I noticed lots of these rodents everywhere. When I found out they were "pot gut"s I thought that was a nick name for them. Nope, just google it!

We found out these little guys love gummy bears, especially the yellow ones.

 Friday, there was a stake treasure hunt activity. All the girls were divided into groups and went to different stations to do different activities. I was in charge of a modesty station. They had to color modest outfits on a paper stencil of a young woman. (like pj's, prom dresses, swimsuits, etc) And as soon as they were done I gave them points and they were off to a new station. It was great fun to see everyone having a good time!

Friday night the Bishopric came up for dinner and testimony meeting around the fire. Bishop was all about working on braiding a friendship bracelet instead of going for dinner.

 Our theme was the color "green" So we went a Wizard of Oz theme, the Emerald City.

 Snapped this last photo just before leaving Saturday morning. I would love to go again this year!! It might be tough to do with a 2 month old :) But to even get to just spend one evening with these awesome girls, it'd be worth the trip! I love making memories with them.

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